To Elected Officials

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Copy and paste this into your email and send it to them.

To my elected official;

I am a registered voting, hard working, proud, honest, and dedicated citizen of the United States of American. I believe in Freedom, Free Will, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These are the same building blocks in the foundation our Fore Fathers built 230 years ago. I have read and understand the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Lately, Government has disappointed me greatly. It has conducted itself in a manner that does not reflect the goals and objectives mentioned above.

The recent events have made me feel cheated, lied to, and robbed blind all while being privy to this theft, but being unable to stop it. The robbery I speak of is Stimulus Packages and Bail Outs in the sum of Trillions of Dollars. These monies were mine, my families, my friends, and my neighbors in addition to the other three hundred million American citizens in these United States. No person on this earth knows if these methods will mend a bad and battered economy. Spending this sum of money was careless, indiscriminant, and criminal because it was done for selfish reasons...reasons that many American Citizens will never know.

I have spent many hours researching, but have been unable to determine where this money came from. We can only surmise that these few select banks, companies, and corporations have vested interest in the politician that bailed them out. Government has become so corrupt that very few American Citizens actually trust their elected officials. Government has rose to a level that these elected officials are conducting business the way they want to operate it that best suits them, not the way the people want it operated to best suit "The People". "We the People" have dealt with enough corruption in Government. We want Government to start operating in "The Peoples" interest once again like it did many years ago.

I speak for a few, but my views are similar to those of hundreds of thousands...maybe even millions. "The People" will not tolerate this corruption much longer. Take this as a warning to turn around the recent criminal acts of Government. "The People" will not tolerate more.
Abort Cuomo


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