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The individual

quickmajikquickmajik Member Posts: 16,324
He stood over the stag he killed with his spear, He looked down into his own hand dug pit at the boar he chased. He collected grain heads as He walked, He made snares & nets from vines and gut. He killed other males and took on clans for reasons only he answered to, he did not compromise. He roamed where he would, when he choose. He worshiped nothing in a world where magic was everywhere because his survival meant freedom.

Clodbusters hated him and there leaders understood the threat he was too all they stood for.. Women would take his seed over the men they were mated with.. they would kill him and hang him from a tree in the center of their village If they could... The chief would take his skin and hang it in his hut as a totem of his power, those slain in the individuals capture forgotten.

Whats really changed from 10,000 years ago?? politics, and methods, maybe..

My question has been answered. Nothing.
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