Fair warning (poofs)

pickenuppickenup Member, Moderator Posts: 22,392 ******
In this forum.
No more name calling, acronyms (we all know the intent) personal insults, etc.
That post, or the whole thread, is subject to being poofed.

tr fox,
The name is Canary *.
No more "canaries *" yellow anything, just "*" etc.
Any variation from "Canary *" will be poofed.
I do NOT care what ANYONE else said.

et all.
No more variation on names.
Yours, mine, or anyone else's.
No more tr faux, tr sux, etc.

If your post, or the whole thread, gets poofed, this explains why.
It may not have been anything "you" said, it may be the next reply.

From the posting guidelines....
quote:In general we expect everyone to act like adults
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