Militia Groups In The Spotlight

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Came across this and thought it was interesting...


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    Wow, guess I better take that Ron Paul bumper sticker off my truck.

    Apparrently I'm a domestic Terrorrist.
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    Werwolf, while I have no doubts BO and the whole leftist gang would not have a problem shutting up their opposition, and I do hear certain connotations of this nature in a lot of his speeches, I still have hard time believing certain sources, especially when no references to credible sources have been provided. Some of these alerting reports often resemble honey pots for the unscrupulous.
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    That may be as I do not know and don't make an immediate judgment either way, I just found it interesting and am reporting as information only, you be the judge. If you have some other info about these reports that the people reporting them or the organizations involved are not credible etc, then lets hear it.
    I am a Constitutionalist and fully support Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin and am very proud of it and so these types of things directly affect me and is why I am interested since I am being labeled because of my party affiliation.
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    This is hard to believe,coming from a conservative state(goes to show it doesnt matter the party).I recieved an e-mail last week from my pop,confirming this.MIAC has a number you can call,if your stupid enough to.Just had a buddy(thats on defcon 2)buy fourty acres out there,he was very pleased to hear this garabage.
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    No it doesn't matter, as the democrats and the republicans are one in the same and tell everyone what they think they want them to hear and then do whatever best serves their selfish, undermining and Un-Constitutional interests and is one of the reasons why people need to stop wasting their votes on the democrat and the republican parties.
    This is why we need to support a 3rd Party of our own choosing as Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin and countless others have stated and support them and the GOA and other true, uncompromising 2A/RKBA organizations, although that is something that each person will have to decide for themselves.
    We need to get rid of the democrat and republican parties and the nra, as they are worthless and dishonorable and only compromise our Constitutional Rights away to unworthy individuals and our Constitutional Rights are NOT, have NEVER been and will NEVER be available to be given away or sold, as they have been paid for in blood and sacrifice of many a Patriot and the only way for them to take it will be from our cold dead fingers.
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