A New Request to Join The Brethren

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quote:I humbly ask permission of the members to join the CA Brotherhood.

I have been dedicated to the Constitution and Bill of Rights since I first had the inkling of understanding about them - at about age 9.

I have been committed to the defense of them since January 31, 1962, when I swore my solemn oath before God, upon entrance to the United States Army.

I will give the support of CA Ideals my utmost effort.

Thank you.


The above was posted on the C.A. Website today, along with the following.....Doug Wilson is doing the asking.quote:Where does one go to answer this ??

I found no button, etc:

A simple yes or no is required.

Do you feel that the Second Amendment allows the Federal government to regulate, restrict, limit, background check, set up FFLs as the only legal seller of new weapons, or otherwise infringe on the free movement of non-crew-served weapons in America ?

Do you understand that Collective methods of controlling and manipulating people is destructive of the freedoms we are supposed to enjoy here in America ?
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And my answersare...drum roll...NO....YES

DougWhat say The Brethren? I am researching at this time.


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