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need some clarification...

gimpy835gimpy835 Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
first off, if this is in the wrong forum i am sorry but here we go...

i am a resident of GA and have applied to get my concealed weapons permit and just waiting for all of that to come in so i am aware of GA laws with carrying a gun in my vehicle as well as in SC. i am getting ready to go to WV to visit family for 10 days and i know with SC the weapon must be in a console, glove box etc but i can have the gun but just trying to make sure that in NC, VA and WV that i can have the weapon in my car. i checked out the open carry website and i see in NC and VA it has to be visible but see nothing about WV in there as far as the gun being visible. if i were to get pulled over for whatever reason does the gun need to be in the seat, placed on the dash or something else so that the cop doesn't freak out and shoot me on the side of I77 ? also with OH since i do not have my permit yet can i carry the gun in my vehicle since with the open carry site it states i have to have a license or permit to carry the gun? any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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