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No sale of guns to California

IfticarIfticar Member Posts: 58 ✭✭
FFLs who will not ship to California are supporting gun control. I am asking all of you buyers in the rest of the country not buy from these dealers who support gun control

Many sellers proudly proclaim that they will not ship guns to California. They seem to think that their support of the the California Gun Control Laws makes them special. They are special. Very special. Their support of California Gun Control laws is a threat to all the nation's gunners. What starts in California often ends up in other states. The smoking Nazis got their start in California 30 years ago. Have they reached your State yet?

The liberals in this state are doing everything they can to limit our Second Amendment Rights. They made the verify-before-shipping laws expressly for the purpose if keeping guns out of California. These FFLs are playing right into their hands. These FFLs are helping the liberals violate our Second Amendment rights.

I have seen some of these proud, gun control supporting FFLs say that it is up to the beleaguered California gun owners to get the laws changed. A few milliseconds of thought would show how ridicules this is. We have no more chance against the liberal juggernaut in this state than you do against liberal juggernaut that have made all those restrictive firearms laws at the federal level.

States all over the Nation are always dealing with liberal attempts to limit our Second Amendment rights. If they see that California's attempt to limit the import of guns is working they may try to duplicate the law. If they do, these Gun Control supporting FFLs will be right there with them supporting the law by not shipping to you. Your best chance of avoiding this is to fight the problem now. Fighte the problem by not dealing with Gun Control supporting FFLs.

I am begging all you gun buyers outside of California to support California gunners and yourself. Support California gunners and your own future gun rights. Please do not do business with any of these gun control supporting FFLs. It may seem like their actions are only hurting California residents but this is not the case. Any support for any Gun Control hurts us all.


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