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IE300IE300 Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
I found a listing for a pre 1899 Colt I was interested in bidding on. I only collect pre 1899 specifically because they are unregulated and freely traded. Evidently this dealer feels the ATF restrictions aren't strong enough regarding antiques, and that it should be treated as a modern firearm for transfer purposes. His purchase requirements included the following:

"patent dates on barrel "AUG.5.1884, NOV.6.88, MAR.5.95" this is the civilian version of the spanish american war era pistol. will ship to C&R , ccw permit holder or law enforcement id only.(basically will ship this antique only to those already "checked out")

I've seen a few other listings for pre 1899 guns requiring shipment only through FFL dealers, and I won't purchase from anyone who wants to exceed restrictions over and above what ATF requires. Dealers who restrict antiques are setting a precedent for anti gunners to sieze on. After all, if gun dealers want further restrictions, I'm sure the anti gunners will be happy to provide them.


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    I understand what you are saying.
    No need to needlessly, voluntarily, further restrict our rights. is his gun, and he can put any restrictions on it that he wants to.

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