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tallcharlietallcharlie Member Posts: 673 ✭✭✭✭
This from a Tennessee government agency:quote:Just FYI, here are some citations for legislation relating to firearms that various sponsors have introduced in the U.S. Congress this year.

DENYING FIREARMS & EXPLOSIVES TO DANGEROUS TERRORISTS ACT OF 2009. Introduced in the Senate on 6/22/09 by Sen. Lautenberg and in the House on 4/29/09 by Rep. Peter King. (S 1319 / HR 2159 )

GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE CLOSING ACT OF 2009. Introduced by Michael N. Castle on 5/7/09

GUN SHOW BACKGROUND CHECK ACT OF 2009. Introduced by Sen. Lautenberg 4/21/09

SECOND AMENDMENT RESTORATION ACT OF 2009. Introduced by Bart Stupak 4/28/09

FIREARMS INTERSTATE COMMERCE REFORM ACT. Introduced by Steve Scalise on 2/13/09 (HR 1074)

BATFE REFORM & FIREARMS MODERNIZATION ACT OF 2009. Introduced by Steve King on 5/7/09 (HR 2296)

BLAIR HOLT'S FIREARM LICENSING & RECORD OF SALE ACT OF 2009. Introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush on 1/6/09 (HR 45)
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