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Showing CHL

HenryT747HenryT747 Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
About a week ago, the law here in TX changed where you don't have to show your CHL along with your Drivers License if stopped by the police etc. The reason for the change was here in TX you can keep a loaded handgun in your car without a CHL as long as it's concealed and "not on or about your person". The words in quote may not be the exact wording, but the spirit of the law. So, they changed the law to keep things "even" since a non CHL holder wouldn't have to show anything if stopped etc. The ruling seems to be that as long as you have to make a "definative move" to retreive the handgun you can carry it without a CHL in your vehicle. My question is, how will other states that have recipicating rights with TX handle a traffic stop and what will they require about showing your CHL?


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    ruger41ruger41 Member Posts: 14,656 ✭✭✭✭
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    I would imagine you would have to follow the rules of the state you are visiting. Some have the requirement to show the CHL and some don't. It is up to YOU to know the law before you visit there. If you are in a state that requires it I would simply inform the officer that you are a permit holder and that there is a firearm in the car--some cops could care less and will either write you a ticket for the traffic violation and some want to talk guns and let you off with a warning. You will also find * cops who will want to run the serial numbers, separate you from your gun, have you handcuffed for "your" safety etc. Just use common sense and you will probably be ok.
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