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No Gun Sales to California

SleeplessnashadowSleeplessnashadow Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
If you respond to this, please read what I have to say first, then please make the response constructive.

I was born and raised in CA. I raised my children here. I was a cop for 20 years and was retired from injuries incurred while on the job here. My CA son is U.S. Air Force, my CA daughter is U.S. Army. Both have served in combat zones. My dad was U.S. Navy during WWII and settled in this State after the war.

I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. For years I have voted accordingly. For years I have written and communicated with politicians in an effort to get them to honor the 2nd Amendment. I'm a member of the NRA. I'm a member of several national collectors groups. I have two historical research projects I am working on to document the history of American military rifles at several points in history. Voluntarily, no money earned.

I have watched as the political powers in this State have ignored the 2nd amendment, ignored the letters and calls, and generally figured they know what's best and don't want our input. They are on a mission of eroding away our 2nd Amendment rights, one piece at a time. Voting against them I have done, as have I encouraged many others to do and know many gun owners have done.

I'm at the point I do none of this anymore. I hope they stop the games and just get on with banning guns so we can deal with this and set it straight. We the gun owners are being bled out.

Some people have been less than professional in recommending I move out of this State if I don't like it. Makes sense, but then again why should I have to be the one to leave one State of the United States of America because they do not recognize the 2nd Amendment. They should leave.

What I see gun owners doing here in California is going underground rather than a violent confrontation with the government. Very few people want a civil war. In case someone has forgotten what a civil war is like, I recommend the library and picture books. Would I go to war over the 2nd Amendment? Yes. Do I want too? Absolutely not. Killing Americans isn't something I ever hope I should have to do. Having killed and having been shot on several occasions, I have a great deal of respect for Thou Shalt Not Kill. I am not a murderer. But I am an American that has his limits on this political corruption.

Since Obama, Americans have been hoarding for what? Maybe a few for a civil war. Don't kid yourself. Most people will not drop the hammer on a fellow American who is not a threat to someone's life. I don't care how many say they'd do it, Saying and doing is two very different things. Instead, they will go underground in hopes of waiting it out. Just like the gun owners in CA.

I have had others tell me when Californians get off their duff and vote these people out of office the laws will change. Well, I didn't vote for Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, or any of those other anti-gun fanatics. And I don't know anyone who did. Notice Pelosi and Feinstein, along with others, are not trying to change the laws in California. They are trying to change the laws on a nationwide level. Also notice where these people hail from. It's not the entire State.

My point is this. Giving up on California and boycotting California's legal legitimate gun owners benefits who? Giving up California by moving out of California benefits who? You think California is where this will stop?

What gives us power is unity. These anti-gun people know this. To defeat us they need to divide us, then conquer one State at a time. Some States obviously will stand alone. By doing that, who benefits?

When the CA legislature passed the law that started most all of this, are you aware we in California had no advance notice? If someone did, it sure didn't get shared. Not even by NRA-ILA. Would have it made a difference with politicians who do not read their mail?

I know why they passed that law. The same reason they have passed every other anti-gun law that makes no sense. They are bleeding Californias gun owners. When someone refuses to sell a gun to a legit gun owner in California, who benefits from it? Maybe the people who passed the laws found a way to divide us. You think others in other States won't take notice?

Have you ever seen a seller who will not sell a gun to a gun owner in New Jersey? You familiar with their laws and California's laws? Wanna take bets on which State pulls this back door end run next? Your right, it may not be NJ. That's not good news, it means there are other States that are likely to do it.

How far do we let this go? We. One State? The West Coast? Think about this one: if we lose California, we lose how much of the USA? Good riddance I hear often. How many States you willing to give up other than your own? The entire USA?

Where this is headed for me is a showdown. I don't want an armed confrontation. How many people in other States who have written off California would come stand with me? It's my problem, you say?

For the record and clarity, I'm pointing fingers at no one. I don't want to get in a discussion that just divides us, those who believe in the Constitution. I think uniting us would be more productive. Start in California? Well, maybe you are unaware that has been going on for a number of years. With little or no effect.

If keeping guns out of California is what these people want, my answer is flood California with 10x as many guns. It shows them their games don't work.

On the other hand, if people out of State get mad over petty nonsense laws and send less guns to California, maybe where I should be looking to move is another planet because our own 2nd Amendment advocates are kicking over the first big domino and it's headed right in my direction and some of them are downstream of a flashflood.

On a slightly different tact. This is going to come to a head. I may not live to see it. But it will come to a head. My feelings are the sooner the better, let's get to it. But the time is not yet here.

I heard a politician claim on the news, "what will the gun owners do? We've already had our Civil War and that was dealt with." Yesterday in the newspaper, an editorial by an editor guffawing at the notion there is a threat to gun owners and the 2nd Amendment, that some of us our way out there for even thinking such a thing. To top it off, he was seriously sarcastic about anyone seeing our government as a threat to the people.

I really wonder if these people realize the magnitude of what's coming. I wonder the same for the gun owners. Cute bumper stickers about prying my gun from my cold dead hand, will no longer be cute.

My prediction is divided we fall.



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    HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
    edited November -1
    Jim ;
    Thank you for the serious, in depth look at your thoughts.

    Here are mine;

    As California goes, so goes the Nation.
    I have heard it said ..and have witnessed one perverted, twisted law, rule, regulation, or `fashion' after another do just that.

    I believe that a Nation of `men' that will fight ONLY under orders of a corrupt, perverted government is a Nation of cowards and worse. They are the run-out seeds of great men ..the Founders.
    I say ..bring ON THE LAWS banning weapons. FORCE the last remaining remnants to take a stand ..that being to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    If they will not ..then slaves they shall be.
    If that happens ..we WILL be free...or we that believe in the Constitution WILL BE DEAD ..a better solution then yours.

    No more will I fight YOUR/ NRA fight ..the `appease the Beast' fight.
    Nor will I help you OR the NRA to do so.

    Better the time, resources, and talent be spent thinking about and preparing for the worst ..a government hell-bent on totally subjugating a Nation of Freemen.
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    pickenuppickenup Member Posts: 22,844 ✭✭✭✭
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