Guns in townhall meetings? WTH

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I'm curious about the general opinion about seeing the increasing show of sidearms and assault weapons at townhall meetings and protest assemblies and marches. I can't think of a single past president or administration that wouldn't have had their secret service details take anyone showing up within a certain distance of a senator, governor, or president down hard and with utmost predjudice, Bush or Cheney included. The fact of the matter is that I don't think it would have occurred to these clowns to show that level of disrespect for "their president". My president right or wrong pretty much fits the bill. I asked a friend why he was so disrespectful of the current president and the dimwit told me "that ain't my president, I didn't vote for him. I guess he misses the part where he is a US citizen and this is the president elected by the citizens of this country.<br>
Showing up to a townhall meeting with a show of weapons has nothing to do with making a statement about proving you'll keep your guns. No townhall meeting has ever curtailed the right to freedom of speech. Nobody has ever tried to inhibit spouting off about "keeping your government hands off of my medicare" or "pulling the plug on granny", and it sure as hell doesn't take an outraged show of idiotic force to make sure you can exert the right to display just how ignorant you really are in a public forum.<br>
Perhaps someone has a good reason for what sidearms and assault weapons proves besides belligerance and a looking for trouble attitude. Angry and inflamed people and guns don't mix, that person who is exhibiting poor enough judgement to show up with a gun is prone to very poor judgement if directly confronted about anything. It is an accident waiting to happen. If I chose to waste my time at useless townhall meetings I'd be inclined to call a gun toting redneck an ignorant moron or some other accurate but unappreciated name that wouldn't go over very well.<br>
Disrespectful behavior couched in the guise of freedom of speech and other rights undermines our very country. Bush was able to garner support for anything war related as simply "support our troops" or inferring that any breach of support for his administration is disrespect for our country and you are unpatriotic. Disrespect for the highest elements of our government is disrespect for our system that allowed enough people to speak their mind and elect our president. The people who elected this president are far more politically aware than the ones who elected the former president and let him run roughshod over the constitution,but more importantly still don't understand the damage done with those constitutional breaches.<br>
The GOP needs to be held accountable for accurate and well documented positions. Lies are not freedom of speech as they maintain. Proven failures should not be okay to use as positive examples for a public that's proven the tendency to accept anything said at face value.<br>
I've had guns all of my life, I have competed with them, and I've been one split second from having to draw a gun and shoot someone to protect myself in more than one occasion. Never would it occur to me to take a gun to a townhall meeting (except to use in the event gun toting extremists get out of hand , pull a gun, and need to be shot by a responsible citizen when there aren't any responsible people carrying a gun). That is how things get unecessarily out of hand.


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    Feel better?

    There is nothing disrespectful about carrying a weapon to a meeting.

    The normalization of an armed citizenry is to be encouraged. The simple fact is that this is best achieved by doing it in places where the press is present. My personal choice is to carry concealed, but the peaceful exercise of a right is not threatening, is not disrespectful, and is no big deal.

    Life in general is an accident waiting to happen, BTW. No harm in being prepared.
    Oh, to correct one of your mis-statements, there were no assault weapons carried. The man in Pheonix was carrying an AR-15, not an M-16.
    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
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    Gosh..another democrat gun controller spouting party line. Whoed of thunk it...on a gun Rights forum, no less.
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    quote:Originally posted by woodguru
    Angry and inflamed people and guns don't mix


    If you could go back in time and ask Cornwallis, he'd probably tell you that firearms and an angry, inflamed people are one hell of a combination.
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    I'm sorry for my assumptions of you Keith, there is a peron who signs on under a new username everycouple of months and makes posts similar to yours..

    I have read quite abit about this and the people involved. I am actually torn between What these guys message was, and the stupidiy of it all. i believe that our individual freedoms are the most important things that we have, our birth rights.. At the same time i dont like the fact that people are putting themselves at risk to prove a point.

    I dont have the memories of all the attempted asassinations of POTUS of you older guys. It doesnt weight on me as much as you. I want to see Obama lose the next election to man who serves all americans best interests. I pray that Obama isnt hurt by some derranged nut.

    If you cant see what these men and women used their guns to symbolize, then i cant help you.


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    quote:Originally posted by woodguru
    Angry and inflamed people * and guns don't mix

    Fixed it for you.

    Unless you can figure out a way to outlaw dumbassery, you're barking up the wrong tree.
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