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Inheritance in IL?

ColtBankerColtBanker Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. My grandfather, a valid FOID holder, passed away three years ago, leaving behind a stash of about 15 or so guns, mostly pistols. Nobody in my house had a FOID card until I applied for mine back in March. Now, my grandmother wants to sell these guns, save for one she wants to let me keep.
What's bothering me is that I've read conflicting statements about the "grace period" after a death and whether or not a FOID is required to transfer a firearm. To make things more complicated, I'm in Orland Park, which I've read restricts gun sales even more, but I cannot find anything on it that is coherent.



  • HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
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    I would never advise anybody to break the law.
    However, there are Court cases making their way thru the system that may well alter the laws in places like Chicago.

    Somtimes, sleeping dogs are best left to slumber peacefully. Naturally, since you have placed this question before the world, you will need to pursue the legal avenues availible...if any.

    My limited understanding of Il. laws seems not encouraging for your situation at all....
  • IfticarIfticar Member Posts: 58 ✭✭
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    It seems to me that you could sell those guns to anyone out of your state. Auction them on Gunborker specifically stating that they must be purchased out of state. Follow Federal law and ship them to the out of state buyer's FFL holder. You should be ok but check it out first.
  • k.stanonikk.stanonik Member Posts: 2,170 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    In regaurds to the ones you are going to keep, they can be gifted to you by the estate without a problem, you being a valid FOID holder can hold possesion of the ones that are to be sold until they are sold and yes a person in illinois can purchase them as long as the yalso have a Valid foid card and transfer through a dealer. The handgun issue only applies to CROOK COUNTY, LAKE and other surrounding countys can purchase without a problem
  • slumlord44slumlord44 Member Posts: 3,702 ✭✭✭
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    What you have been told is correct. As long as you have a valid FOID, you should be ok. Keep them in your posession until you sell them. If your grandmother wants to keep one she should immediately apply for a FOID. This is the reason that any resident of Illinois who owns a firearm should make certain that every member of the household has a FOID. Got one for my wife just to keep everything legal in case any situation ever comes up. Better safe than sorry
  • slumlord44slumlord44 Member Posts: 3,702 ✭✭✭
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    You do not have to go through a Dealer to sell to another individual who is a resident of Illinois and has a FOID. If you sell to an individual at a gun show in Illiois you have to do a background check and hold the gun for the proper waiting period. You can do this yourself or run it through an FFL at the show, usually for a $10 fee.
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