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Here is one for you folks to ponder and offer any thoughts on.
In 1976, as a reckless youth, I did a little drinking, did some stupid things, one of which included "borrowing" a car for a little too long, which got me a felony arrest and a year in the county jail.
In 1987 I sobered up and set about straightening out my life.
I have subsequently aquired and held a broker's license from the Texas Real Estate Commission for the past 15 years, been a registered voter in all local, state, and federal elections, been routinely called to sit on jurys, and have sat on the board of directors of a couple of different organizations.
According to my understanding of ATF form 4473, it provided specific exception to the prohibition of a felony taking transfer, if that persons civil rights are in tact.
My frustation is this: In light of the fact that the Great State of Texas has seen fit to issue me a license to take care of other people's money and most prized possessions, i.e., their real estate, why would it not entrust me with a chl, that would allow me to legally protect my own.
I ve worked on the is issue off and on thru the years, to no avail so far, and it seems , short of securing a state level pardon, (which at best is a daunting task), the powers to be, in their infinite wisdom, will not let this transgression go.


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    Labeled for life.

    Depending upon local code, you may not need a full pardon. Check into having the conviction expunged.

    I've helped a young man get his 'rights' restored. You will need a lawyer. It was one price to get his voting rights restored with an adder to get his right to own a firearm restored. 6 months after restoration, he failed a NICS check. He now has to get a permission slip from the county specifically stating that his rights are fully restored. Don't know how much that is going to cost, but the racket includes another trip to a judge with counsel in tow.

    He'll be into this well over $ 7,500.00 by the time it is done, and he still is labeled for life.

    FWIW, this has nothing to do with the Constitution. All of it is well outside that which is dictated by the 2nd.
    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
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    Sorry, Dirtbroker.

    Sorry that you do not live in a free country.
    You do not live in a Constitutionally driven country.
    You do not live in a country where you have Rights..even if you DID'NT screw up...once.

    In short..you live in a Nation of cowards, fearful of insisting upon their Rights.
    You live in a Nation of Quislings, Beast-Lovers, serfs, and I.Q.s just over their shoe sizes.

    Sorry about that..we have every one of us failed ourselves, our Children, and our Country.
    Welcome to the Forum, by the way.

    Take note..there are a few dozen of us here that will feel your pain..and wish that you would have regained your Citizenship upon release.
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    From what a laywer told me from Texas:

    So long as your conviction did NOT include drugs or a violent crime, you should be able to get your "rights" restored, but it will be a great expense.

    You can start a thread over on General and ask for the lawyer called the ugly one. Matty should be able to help you in some direction or another.

    But I must also echo what Highball wrote.
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    I can see how this country is much better off without you owning a firearm.......
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    fm is correct. things can be restored with $ and the right county. advice: don't try to do this in obvious counties.
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    Nice to know that enough money can still fix anything.[:0]
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    quote:Originally posted by Mr. Friendly
    I can see how this country is much better off without you owning a firearm.......

    That's too funny. A lot of people have guns that aren't registered in their names. Your wife or a relative can buy whatever you want. If you are living a clean life and have nothing to worry about you could do anything most people do with their firearms that's legal. I'm sure you do.

    I don't think being a licensed Real Estate agent is much of a clear indicator of moral and spiritual values. That's a loose crowd you run with.

    I do sympathize though, I've had a momentary lapse of reason here and there that could have made it illegal to own firearms had I got caught, it wouldn't stop me but I'd sure be nervous and careful about it. It would change the nature of having to shoot someone in self defense to where a backhoe and a deep hole would make much more sense that calling in a righteous pest control issue.
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