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Waiting for McDonald v. Chicago (C&P)

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Article from "" News letter

The Supreme Court is approaching the home stretch in its dash to end the term, and it's a period when the big pending decisions start to emerge. But none of the marquee cases that would make big headlines were handed down today, so we'll have to wait for Thursday, when the Court will sit again, for... or the Second Amendment case McDonald v. Chicago. The justices issued four decisions, including two that pertain to lawyers and lawyering.


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    Yep. That is gonna be a big one.
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    Should be interesting...
  • austin20austin20 Member Posts: 31,550 ✭✭✭✭
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    I was hoping to have heard by now
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    While we wait, we can review and get prepared for a celebration OR disappointment. There is a pretty good "Recap" of the Oral Arguments included and this page was updated on the 16th.

    An Excerpt:
    quote:When the Justices cast their first vote after starting later this week to discuss where to go from here, it appeared that the focus of debate will be how extensive a "right to keep and bear arms" should be spelled out: would it be only some "core right" to have a gun for personal safety, or would it include every variation of that right that could emerge in the future as courts decide specific cases? The liberal wing of the Court appeared to be making a determined effort to hold the expanded Amendment in check, but even the conservatives open to applying the Second Amendment to states, counties and cities seemed ready to concede some - but perhaps fewer - limitations.
    McDonald v. City of Chicago: From ScotusWiki
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    Argued March 2, 2010.

    Authorship: Lyle Denniston of SCOTUSblog

    Note: The National Rifle Association is considered a "respondent" in this case under the Supreme Court's Rule 12.6, but it supports the petitioner McDonald on the merits. The NRA's filings below are therefore listed with the petitioner's.

    Docket: 08-1521

    Issue: Whether the Second Amendment is incorporated into the Due Process Clause or the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment so as to be applicable to the States, thereby invalidating ordinances prohibiting possession of handguns in the home.

    Scroll Down to the: Oral Argument Recap
    Lyle Denniston originally wrote the Analysis for SCOTUSblog.

    Source Page: This page was last modified 18:13, 16 June 2010
    McDonald v. City of Chicago - ScotusWiki
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