Qusetion on California certified handgun law

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Can a person who lives in California buy from a privet person not living in California a used hand gun not on there certified list?
For instance a father buying a used handgun from his daughter in another state.


  • EOD GuyEOD Guy Member Posts: 931 ✭✭✭✭
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    Yes, but only between immediate family members such as parents/children or grandparents/grandchildren. Siblings or other relative do not count. Some FFLs are not aware that the interfamilial transfer exemption can be used in transfers from out of state, so check with the receiving FFL first.
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    EOD GUY:
    Thank you for the information. I was hoping that was the case.
    Thanks again

    P.S I had a friend when I was in the Navy on the America back in 1970
    that was a E.O.D.
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