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WikiLeaks Reveals Source of Military Weapons for M

Peter SuciuPeter Suciu Member Posts: 69 ✭✭
From (

The U.S. public has been told again and again that 90% of the weapons the Mexican drug cartels buy come from legal sales in the United States. But according to U.S. diplomatic cables disseminated by Wikileaks, military weapons are being smuggled along the Mexican/Guatemala border. Besides assault rifles, smuggled weapons include hand grenades, grenade launchers, armor-piercing munitions and antitank rockets.
Secretary of State Clinton, along with the President himself, are among government officials who have deceived the American public. Obama, who claimed he was going to have the most open administration in modern times, has been keeping this secret. What's worse is that the same administration has propagated the 90% lie.

The lie starts in 2008 when the Mexican government confiscated 30,000 firearms from drug cartels. Out of this, they selected 7,200 (or 24%) to send to the U.S. for tracing. Of the 7,200, the ATF was able to trace 4,000. Out of the 4,000, 3,480 (87%) were traced to the United States. If either government was honest, the origin of all 30,000 firearms would be reported in the news. 90% of Cartel weapons come from outside the United States.

President Obama promised that he didn't want to take away our firearms so why the deception? In Mexico whenever there is a government problem, the United States is the default scapegoat. Tens of thousands of Mexican civilians have been killed in the war against the drug cartels. Instead of admitting that there is a smuggling problem on Mexico's southern border, the American's to the north are to blame.

But the United States isn't to blame. Corrupt Mexican officials aren't stopping the flow of weapons along the country's southern border. The media and leaders from both countries are trying to make Americans feel guilty for the murders that are going on in Mexico. But 90% of the guilt lies elsewhere.

Why is the Fourth Estate mostly silent on this topic? Where are the investigative reporters from news outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post and 60 Minutes? If a small (but growing) blog like FirearmsTruth can reveal this government sanctioned scandal, why can't the major players? Perhaps the mainstream news media has an anti-gun agenda and this story doesn't fit their template.


  • spasmcreekspasmcreek Member Posts: 37,724 ✭✭✭
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    it doesn't fit the elites plan to disarm real Americans who might finally have enough of their treason
  • buffalobobuffalobo Member Posts: 2,348 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    quote:Originally posted by spasmcreek
    it doesn't fit the elites plan to disarm real Americans who might finally have enough of their treason

    +1, 10 ring hit.
  • quickmajikquickmajik Member Posts: 16,324
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    I find it ineresting that only 3400 guns were found to be american.

    hell congress used the ATF to facilitated for more than 4000 semi automatic rifles to be smuggled across the border in the last 5 years.
  • wpagewpage Member Posts: 10,204 ✭✭✭
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    These Mexican criminals are ever blaming us for their problems. Just watched a special about how they bootleg all the Hollywood DVD's...

    When the reporters tried to interview a Mexican. They were attacked while the Mexican Police stood by and would not intervene.

    Mexico is so corrupt there is no law. Only law is easy Gringo dollars.
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