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I live in SC and can purchase 1 hand gun per month ( should have a Handgun of the Month Club) but what is it with reciprocity in adjoining states?I have looked at listings and it is great that Idaho recognizes my right to carry but what about Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia or even Florida.Where can I find UTD info. It does not seem worth the effort to be legal to carry in SC if you have to hang it up in adjoining states.Any info supplied will be appreciated.


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    Having retired from a career which mandated I carry a weapon I have on numerous occasions been asked about whether to carry or not. I don't have a canned answer. Each person is different and so my advise varies. To the normal person....always a guy, never asked by a girl, I say go on ahead. If the fear of being a victim outweighs the fear of having violated some staute and getting caught...then arm yourself...discreetly. When was the last time you were tossed on the wall and patted down? NEVER? Then the chances are you are the type who will never be. Therefore make a wise choice of weapon, get qualified to some degree and protect yourself and others you love..or like alot. One needs to be able to control the round that leaves the barrel and place it where it needs to go to eliminate whatever threat is presenting itself. There probably won't be a cop with you when all hell turns loose. Don't pull it ever unless you really need it and no one will know you have it. On the other hand, pulling a weapon to warn another you are armed will get you 3 hots and a cot.
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    When you pay for your right to carry, you put money into the coffers of those who intend to take your right away.

    but don't worry the wealthy and powerful will always have weapons to lord over their slaves, even in england wealthy landowners get to go fox hunting w/ fancy shotguns and then theirs always the zafari.
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    Do you have a question for the experts or are you simply pontificating?
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    I don't see a question here either, but I'll relate my personal experience.

    Every cop I've ever talked to on this subject has told me that if I have the ability to carry concealed I should do so.

    Of course there's probably "selection bias" there, since they're all at the gun club, and of course they're probably in dangerous situations a lot more than I ever will be. But the general point is that "poo" happens, and you never know when something like that can save your life.
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    There is no question here that I can see so this goes over to the Gun Rights forum.
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