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Can a holder of a C&R License have handguns listed in the C&R directory shipped directly to their home if they are a resident of CT?


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    I believe so. I live in Pa. and its okay here. NY, CA, NJ definitely not. Then again the seller would have to be willing to do so. Seems we have many FFL's out there that refuse to sell to C&R's for whatever personal reasons. I thought we were for less restrictive gun laws, but we do have some among us that choose to "write" their own restrictions. I believe in abiding by the existing gun laws, not adding restrictions of our own. I have recently run into several sellers on GB that state they won't do business with C&R's even though it would be perfectly legal with ATF rules.. With "friends" like these who needs liberals...........
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    U have Federal Law
    LOCAL LAW or Ordinances

    Check them all, follow whatever is the most restrictive
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