For The Constitutional Purists Here

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nybody notice how the "Constitutional Purists" here (translation: of Constitutional Purist. If you don't believe exactly and to the letter of THEIR interpretation of the US Constitution then you are lower than pond scum) for years have gone around shooting their mouths off about how they are the Constitutional Purists and anybody that doesn't agree is an enemy of the Constitution, and enemy of gun owners, and their personal enemy. True to their form, they usually go around in a little gang and if you get into a disagreement with one of them, shortly several more of their gang will show up to provide backup. Kinda like driving through the ghetto and encountering a gang member.

When it comes to gun rights, working within the system in an attempt to better the system, working to expand our gun rights, etc., etc. they never post anything but contempt and scorn for such reasonable beliefs.

Funny thing is, in all the years I have observed this "gang" all they have done is act like computer commandos shooting their mouth off from the safety of their computer room or behind the safety of their computer screen. I have NEVER, EVER read about even one of them actually doing anything, that even remotely resembles their on screen Rambo image, in the real world. They constantly warn us about us slowing losing our rights or the fact that we are "sell-outs" because we don't stand up for our rights. Strangely, they never seem to follow their own advice.

Well, here is a link to a young man who actually does something in the real world for gun rights. This guy actually puts himself, his freedom, a possible police record, and his legal fees money on the line. Something the "constitutional purists" here never get around to doing. One would think at the very least, the purists could at least acknowledge and compliment this guy. Heck, they could even hold this guy up as an example of someone who is actually fighting back against repressive and unconstitutional government IN THE REAL WORLD and by so doing make the rest of us look like slackers. But if the purists did that, I believe they are afraid that they would be calling attention to the fact that they do nothing but blow hot air.

No need to mention any members names here, as they, and most everyone knows who they are. And, they will be along shortly to act their normal selves and by doing so indentify themselves for me. Here is the link to the GB.com topic about this brave young man.



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