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Gives The Constitution A Voice:

At 9 AM on Saturday, October 8, I was tuned into CNN, broadcasting from Atlanta. The Host was interviewing three young people who had participated in "Occupy Atlanta" the day before. One was a 26 year old female veteran back from the hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan and enrolled in College. The other two were males in their 20's who were employed.

The host asked what the Occupy movement was all about. The young people said, "We want to fix the system."

The host asked how the system could be fixed. The young people struggled to find an answer but had none. Eventually they suggested more people should vote.

I turned to Judy, my wife, saying, "That's it. I'm going down there. These folks need to know about the Constitution and how it can solve their grievances." Four hours later, we were in New York City. I had a thought to find a meeting room somewhere near to the protests so I could talk about Liberty and the Constitution to whomever might come. Research uncovered a new community center two blocks away called Charlotte's Place." We were able to make contact with and then meet with the director in between visits to the Park who agreed to give us time to meet there with interested people.

As we walked among the protestors, we observed many who were clean-cut, bright eyed as they moved throughout the crowd open to exchanging ideas with strangers.

I noticed a table with a homemade sign, "INFO." I approached and asked, "How can I conduct a teach-in on the State and Federal Constitutions? The young man said, "Start a Working Group." I asked, "How do I do that." He said, "Announce it." I asked, "How." He said, "Get up on a bench and yell, 'Mic Check.'" That will get the attention of the People."

I did just that. The People turned their attention to me and began to repeat, in waves, every few words I said. I announced I was starting a Constitution Working Group, that the Constitution can be used to control the Bankers, the Corporations and the Politicians, end undeclared wars, end Bailouts, end the Fed and end our debt-based, fiat currency. Each part of the message was repeated two or three times as the crowds carried the words and energy back to others farther away. I announced the first meeting of the State and Federal Constitution Working Group would be at 6 PM on the steps at the east end of the Plaza.

Cheers were heard and People raised both hands, pointing all their (wiggling) fingers upwards. I learned later that was a hand signal expressing approval.

Before I could descend from the bench, 20-25 people surrounded me, some asking questions. What became clear to me was they knew little to nothing about the content, history, meaning, effect and significance of any provision of their State and Federal Constitutions. I lectured from the park bench for more than 30 minutes, before someone else from a distance yelled, "Mic Check," drawing attention to the new speaker.

Before my 6 PM meeting I learned OWS had a General Assembly (GA) meeting every evening about 7 PM, run by a group of "facilitators."

Rest of article here:

As I have said actions speak volumes. Time to act, election time draws near.


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    sovereignmansovereignman Member Posts: 544 ✭✭✭
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    I particularly liked these comments from Shultz and the group.

    All People have Natural Rights -- Simply Because They Are Alive.

    We the People have Instituted Government to Secure our Rights.

    According to our Governing Documents, Sovereignty rests with the People.

    The Constitution & Declaration of Independence are inextricably intertwined.

    Every Principle, Prohibition, Restriction and Mandate of our Governing Documents represents a Guaranteed, Individual Right.

    The People are the Source of All Political Power
    (after all no one gets into office unless we put them there).

    All Elected Officials are limited by our written Constitutions
    (if not authorized in writing, such acts are unlawful).

    The Constitution is not a Menu.

    The Constitution cannot Defend Itself.

    Individuals and Small Groups cannot prevail in attempts to hold government accountable to their State and Federal Constitutions.

    A Critical Mass is needed, say 3-5% of population.

    Very few in and out of public office can recognize when government is obeying or violating the Constitution.

    The way our system of governance is working is in sharp contrast to the way it is designed to work.

    We don't change the Constitution by ignoring it; There are provisions within it to make changes.

    All that is happening is our fault; the People have allowed it to happen.

    The People have always had the ultimate power in our society and have always been the final arbiters of constitutionality.

    Most of what is causing our National distress NOW can be traced back to violations of the Constitution.
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