Recent Changes in Civilian Interstate Gun Laws

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For as long as I can remeber a private citizen was permitted to buy and sell long guns with non-ffl holders in the same state and in any states bordering his or her own state. Sales and purchases of handguns between non-ffl holders were restricted to people in the same state.

I recently heard that long gun transactions between non-ffl holders is now also restrcted to people in the same state.

Is this now true?

When and why was this changed?



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    No, it has not changed, and NO, it was NOT legal.

    At one time, you could not buy a long gun from a dealer in another state, except for an adjoining state. You can now buy a long gun from a dealer in ANY state (unless you live in CA)

    However, since 1968, purchase of any gun from a NON dealer had to be in your home state. No "adjoining state" exception for non-dealers. Title 18, US Code, Section 922. The ONLY transfer of ownership across a state line that does not have to go TO a dealer is inheritance of a firearm. And for the CMP if you want a Garand.
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