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I have now come face to face with individuals here lately who refuse to sell me a mag of more than 20 rounds. Maryland does have the provision for the average citizen, however dealers are federally licensed and can buy and sell out of state. Bad news travels fast and Maryland has been in the spotlite on the new gun ban that will take effect on 10-1-2013 and will also drop the mag cap down to 10 rounds on the purchase of new guns.

Again, dealers will NOT be affected by mag capacity, type of gun, banned or not, as we can buy and sell out of state. That is whats good about GB, GA, and others. Different states also have different laws and it is up to the federal dealer in his/her jurisdiction to know the laws and if a 30 round mag or a banned gun shows up, it is the Dealers responsibility to determine the lawfullness of the sale and if illegal, no sale

The sitting governor Martin Omally, pushed this mess thru. He cannot run for re-election so why not. He did it because he is going to run for president

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