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Ban on Ivory

opentop55opentop55 Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
The US and NY governments are likely to impose a ban on all ivory, new and old, it will make no difference. Why GB has not alerted its members I cannot say, but I wish they would get the ball rolling. Legislation will probably be introduced at the beginning of the year. They say it is to save the elephants, but it won't do a thing about that, but it will take from us one more right as they press their heel down on our throats.

here is a letter I have been circulating to anyone who will listen.

The Presidential Advisory Committee for CITES enforcement met on December 16 and confirmed they will recommend to the Task Force on Wildlife Trafficking a total ban on all ivory sales in the United States. The ban will cover all ivory and other wildlife products that look like ivory no matter age, pre- or post ban, appearance, provenance, or documentation. If it is ivory or another substance that looks like ivory, IT WILL BE BANNED.
The ostensible purpose of the ban is to reduce the demand for ivory, in particular that of the Chinese market, and ultimately the poaching of elephants. US demand for ivory is insignificant, and the ban will do nothing more than deprive Americans of the value of their ivory, and for many their livelihoods as well. The ban will not disrupt the operations of foreign criminal organizations that trade in illegal ivory, and whether the US will take them on remains to be seen.
The Committee will present its recommendation for the ban on December 28. If you oppose the ban, please let the Committee know before December 28 by sending an email to [email protected] . A suggested letter is attached.
This will not be the end of the fight, but voices of those opposed to the ban must be heard now.
Robert Swartz

Here is a sample letter:

To The Advisory Committee on Wildlife Trafficking:

I stand against a total ban of all ivory sales in the US.

As called for in the Presidential Executive Order I ask that the recommendations continue to allow for "legal and legitimate commerce".

The ivory market in the US is stable and /or declining, and the seizure records indicate that a high proportion of the seizures made were personal effects lacking the correct paperwork, not the "blood tusks " spoken about in the media. The Elephant Trade Information System (ETIS) analysis indicated that the amount of ivory (by weight) seized annually has not increased in recent years. WE are not the consumers of the poached ivory. Therefore banning ivory sales within the US will do nothing to save the remaining world population of elephants.

CITES MIKE report (Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants) September 2013 report, page 64 analysis states "Africa's elephant populations are managed sustainably" and that in 2013 the quota for permits for legal elephants was 1350 animals. There is legal trade that can be monitored with DNA testing and permitting. Enforcing and policing a ban would use funds that should be used to support the ban on imports already in effect

I fully support the CITES rules, closing international borders to elephant ivory trade, a law already in effect that should be fully supported and enforced. I stand against a total ban of all ivory commerce within our United States borders, a decision that would be an enforcement nightmare. Like prohibition it will cause a new wave of illicit commerce where a legitimate one now exists. Museums, antique dealers, collectors, artisans and individual citizens have invested in a legal and valuable material. Sanctioned trade in ivory that is legal (culled and pre-ban) and comes from unthreatened sources (mammoth, boar, warthog, antique and recycled products) can pose no possible threat to elephant herds in the wild.

I believe our mutual goals are the same and a solution can be reached. Please keep the focus where it belongs. To increase the elephant population the killing must be stopped in Africa and at its borders.

Respectfully Submitted,


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