Firearm law in Canada

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Section 118, Sub section 2c.(regarding sales and transactions of 'hunting' firearms.
"a person cannot be required to collect information on a non-restricted firearm transaction"
"If they do, they cannot keep such information" so that the buyer, seller or firearm can be linked.
Just for you chaps south of the border will know how 'bad' it is here. :)


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    In the past I exchanged emails with a Canadian over on the west side. I was amazed at how lax some of the Canadian firearm laws are compared to those here in the USA.

    ONE amazing thing he said was about permissive individual ownership of full auto firearms.
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    Can you give us a link to which firearms are "restricted"?
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    I'm not good on the computer regarding links and I neglected to put in my post that it was an excerpt from the Canada Firearms Act.
    You will be able to find what 'restricted' means and what 'prohibited' means.
    BTW prohibited doesn't mean that you can't own and shoot them.
    In a nut shell restricted means a 'firearm designed to be operated with one hand' and some other firearms. Mostly, prohibited means handguns with 2" or shorter barrels and ones that shoot .25 cal. ammo AND brass knuckles and numchucks............but it goes on and on.
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