TN--PRO-gun dial up ISP $14.95 per month

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First Ill state that my preference for a pro-gun dial up ISP is www.keepandbeararms.com not to mention for firearms news they are superior to any org Ive seen at keeping you up to date.If both of these ISP's are unavailable to you you should check out www.riflemag.com at $19.99 a month still less than AOhell.The Tennessee Legislature is out of session and this fact contributes greatly to the volume of messages sent through the TFA Email update system. Just a few quick updates today.1. The current edition of the Sentry has been mailed and should have been received by now. If you are a TFA member and have not received your Sentry by mail by now please notify Dana Slate ([email protected]) so that we can get one in the mail to you and, more importantly, determine if we need to update your mailing address. 2. With the next edition of the Sentry planned for production by the 1st of the year, please consider submitting an article, letter to the editor, editorial or even a humorous cartoon. Please also consider if your business would like to be listed in the next edition of the Sentry as providing promotional specials or discounts to TFA members.3. Worked at a gun show lately? TFA needs volunteers for shows all across Tennessee. Contact Dana Slate ([email protected]) for more information.4. Need TFA hats or shirts. They are in stock and ready. Hats are $10 plus shipping if necessary. Shirts are $25 to $30 (depending on size) plus shipping if necessary. Want a shirt but don't have the disposal income at this time - work two gun shows for TFA and earn a TFA "Volunteer" shirt!!5. Legislative planning. We are working on proposed legislation for next year. Give me your thoughts. Prioritize changes. Start talking to your friends, associates, and legislators (assuming that they are not friends or associates) and let them know that change is still necessary.6. New TFA business supporter. Scott Hawkins,. a TFA member, has started an internet ISP which, unlike AOL, supports gunowners. Here is Scott's offer to TFA members:
To Members and Supporters of TFA,We here at HawksWeb ISP have always been supporters of our Second Amendment rights. Because we feel strongly that the Tennessee Firearms Association fights valiantly on our behalf as well as yours, in the legislative arena, we have proposed the following offer. If you receive John Harris' regular email newsletters, and alerts, you obviously have Internet Service. Some of you may be un-happy with your service provider. Others may simply be paying too much for Internet service. We offer quality Dial-Up service here in Tennessee, with a network of numbers located across the country available for use while traveling. We offer this service for the reasonable price of $14.95 per month, rather that the usual $20 to $25 per month others are charging. HawksWeb is proposing for every new customer signing up for service through the link below, we will donate the profits from your set up fees to assist the TFA in the legislative battle for our right to "keep and bare arms". We feel that this provides you the opportunity to contribute to the TFA, and at the same time receive a quality service for it.As further incentive, if you sign up between the dates of October 1 and October 7, 2001; you will receive your first month of service free of charge. That's right, you pay only the set up fee (of which the TFA gets the profits) and your entire first month of service (a $14.95 value) is free. This offer is only good for the dates listed above and may not be repeated. Therefore if you are unhappy with your service provider, or are simply paying too much for your service, please help yourself as well as the fight for our Second Amendment rights.To take advantage of this offer please visit the following web site: http://www.hawksweb.net/TFA/ God bless America,C. Scott HawkinsPresidentHawksWeb [email protected] http://www.hawksweb.net/TFA
"We think it's reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. No loopholes anywhere for anyone.""We think it's reasonable to expect full enforcement of federal firearms laws by the federal government."Wayne R. Lapierre NRA Executive director
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