Do you do it?

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I use the computer to print up 20 each of addressed envelopes to my representitive, and three congressmen. I keep them in their own drawer in my office. All I have to do is type a letter (my own or from GOA) and stamp it/mail it. I do this once a month. Just think if we all did this every month- what a change it would make in keeping our 2nd rights and doing away with stupid "get their guns" laws. How many of you mail letters to your Reps. and congressmen regularly?


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    Ironsites,Since you replied to my post, I decided to reply to yours.Writing to our representatives is such an easy thing to do, there really is no excuse not to.We all saw how the pro-gun vote in 2000 narrowly won us a pro-gun President and that it helped quiet the anti-gunners.I know that when I go to the polls, pro-gun is the first and most important quality I look for in a candidate and when the election is over, I write to them frequently to let them know where this constituent stands.I know that many of our gun owner brothers (and sisters, for that matter) are so passionate in their gun ownership that they say things like "From my cold, dead hands", I submit to you: Isn't it easier to keep our guns by using our votes than to fight it out with a bunch of ATF agents with warrant and battering ram at the front door?
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    Ironsites/Blokey- seems we are all alone in being active and being serious about the threat to our rights. Sad thing!
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