Gun Show Apathy

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While at a recent gun show, I saw a gentleman at a table trying to get people to write to their state congressmen to have them vote "No" on an upcoming bill to ban gun shows. All he was asking people to do was fill in their name and address and sign a pre-printed post card. His group would send the post cards in; no need to supply the stamp! I, of course, filled out a card and even donated $1 for the cause. When I put my card in the mail bag he had set up, I was surprised to see just ONE other card filled out! Come on people! Do what you can to preserve our 2nd amendment, every little bit helps!I am on the NRA and GOA e-mail alert system and I write to my congressmen (federal and state) all the time, letting them know how I feel about upcoming gun legislation. I have dozens of replies from my congressmen that I intend to forward to NRA so that they can monitor how my representatives intend to vote.Like another member, "kimberkid", signs his posts:GUN CONTROL: If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!BTW: If we don't do anything, all the wonderful guns we discuss on this message board and elsewhere will be just wonderful memories![This message has been edited by Blokey (edited 12-03-2001).]


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    I too spend a lot of effort sending letters to congressmen ect. with help from GOA and NRA and sometimes feel alone in my efforts. I'm afraid our rights won't be an issue to a lot of folks until they find those rights are gone, and by then it's too late. Once a bill is passed, it's almost impossible to reverse it! Complaining to friends an neighbors won't fix the problem- you must write to your reps. and congress as they are the ones voting on laws/bills -not your friends. No need to take the time to show off and polish your rifle, to go to gun shows, to go to the range, to go hunting. If you don't take the time to keep your rights- you won't have any guns-PERIOD!
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    Ironsites,Thanks for replying; I thought my "Apathy" post was going to be met with... apathy!It's refreshing to see that, although it feels as if we're fighting alone, there are others out there fighting along side you.Keep up the good fight; I know I intend to.
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    I also write whenever gun/hunting rights are at issue.Get my information from NRA and Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners.
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