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Our empire was based on our marksmanship, we had rifle clubs in every town where young boys would take their.22s and compete, nobody got shot. In world war 1, the boys brought home Mausers and Lugers as trophies, well earned, nobody got shot. Then the legeslation started because the Conservative goverment, peers of the realm were worried about what happened in Russia. They introduced gun certificates and held arms amnesties where weapons could be handed in. The bad guys kept theirs. The 'gentlemen' got to keep their guns too, but the legeslation got tougher. Then some nutter shot up a town called hungerford, he had semi autos and a pump action shotgun in his trunk. They banned the semi auto rifles and used the gun in the trunk as an excuse to force all auto shotgun holders to have their magazines crimped so they could only hold 1 in the chamber and two in the magazine. Then another guy shot some kids in dunblain in scotland and because he used pistols, they banned those too. So we are left with our rifles, which you need to have a good reason for having. Shotguns ditto, air rifles and of course anyone can drive a car which can be used to mow down ten people at a time, knives with a blade of over 4 inch are illegal to carry, but you can kill someone with a broken budwieser bottle, don't ever let this happen to you!!!!!!!!!


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    It's already happening in the peoples republics of kalifornia, massachusets and maryland. The brady idiots and vpc jerks are trying to make it happen everywhere.
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    I came from the UK and now live in the Republic of Kalifornia. Believe me it is heading down the same path! Stay aware of what is being done to erode our rights and be active in opposing every move.
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