Feinstein to Propose New National Gun Law Legislation

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It's for the children - No, forget that - It's for the Terrorists. Combine this with the Schumer/Kennedy/McCain efforts to keep the records around and it sounds a like REGISTRATION. I'd like someone to show me an instance of where REGSITRATION did not lead to CONFISCATION. Make no mistake about it; these treasonists will climb on any cause available to strip us of our RIGHTS - and they never stop. http://www.bayinsider.com/partners/...12/20/guns.html California Democrat and longtime anti-gun advocate U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced today she plans to introduce legislation that would bring the nation in line with her home state's stringent laws regarding gun sales and background checks. Feinstein said she will introduce legislation early next year that would require background checks for all gun sales, whether they occur at a licensed dealer, flea market, gun show or between private individuals. The federal law would mirror current California law, which requires all gun purchases and transfers, including those between private parties and at gun shows, be made through a licensed dealer, according to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer's office. Feinstein made her announcement today on Capitol Hill in conjunction with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence's release of new report outlining the connection between terrorism and the firearm availability in the United States. "I intend to hold a hearing in the Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Government Information early next year on this report which ... shows it is very easy for terrorists to purchase firearms in this nation,'' Feinstein said. "We already know that children can buy guns all too easily in order to kill other children. We know that gang members and criminals can do the same,'' Feinstein said. "Clearly, the time has come for a universal background check on all gun sales. ...'' Feinstein said she believes U.S. citizens, including members of the National Rifle Association, would support universal background checks.


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    This B*TCH REALLY gets under my skin. She's right up there with poor old "Burnt-Lunged" Sarah Brady. She should have been named "Frankenstein" instead of Feinstein.I truly wish all the "Bleeding Heart Bunny-Hugging" gun abolishionists bastards would get a one-way ticket to HER house, start telling HER how to wash HER clothes, tell HER what to eat for HER dinner and tell HER what to do against HER wishes. I wonder how long that would last? She really has no clue concerning the "CORE PRINCIPLES" of this great country!!!! Tideman
    "Don't shoot to stop 'em, Shoot to Destroy 'em!"
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