Victimn's Rights & Gun Rights

Kristi's DadKristi's Dad Member Posts: 9 ✭✭
Does strong Victimn's Rights help Gun Rights?Does strong enforcement of Gun Abuse Laws help protect Gun Rights for the Citizenry?Consider this:In 1996 a 25 year old male pressed his .45 to the forehead of a 15 year old female.Rockdale County GA only sentenced him to serve 5 years. Five years for a delibert action that took the life of a Child.And- the State of Georgia wanted to release him early?!!!Does the State of Georgia Value the Life of a Child?Does the State of Georgia need stronger Gun Abuse Laws, such as in the State of Flordia?Does strong Gun Abuse Laws & allowing Concealed Carry Laws help prevent Gun Abuse, and protect Gun Rights and the citizenry?Please consider my Violent Offender Petition linked from www.kmfusa.org More Georgia Signatures are needed!Please share this with others!Please contact the GA Reps!Thanks!Mike Faulkner,proud father of Kristi Marie Faulkner


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