CALIFORNIA: Simon Earns an "A" from the NRA

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SACRAMENTO - The National Rifle Association has rated gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon with the highest possible rating, calling him an "A" grade candidate based upon the general philosophical responses provided to the organization, and from input received from their members at the grassroots level.In a letter to the Simon for Governor campaign, NRA Elections Coordinator for California, Carolyn Herbertson commends Simon for his stand on issues related to the Second Amendment."This is to inform you that you have been rated an "A" by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund. With respect to legislative or gubernatorial candidates, the "A" rating is used in our Candidate Political Preference Chart to describe individuals who are 'solidly pro-gun, pro-hunting, opposed to additional controls on firearms or legislation restricting hunting, and would vote for pro-gun reform legislation.' An "A" rating is the highest rating a non-incumbent can receive.""The NRA represents the many millions of hunters, sportsmen and defenders of the Second Amendment nationwide," Simon said. "Their ongoing efforts have served to protect one of the most important guarantees that our founding fathers so wisely included in the Bill of Rights. As Governor it will be my responsibility to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens including the right to own firearms, be they for hunting, recreation or self defense."The NRA is devoted to teaching firearm safety, advancing the shooting sports, promoting gun collecting and helping the nation's hunters in their role as effective wildlife conservationists. NRA pursues these efforts through its many programs, through its monthly magazines and through approximately 10,000 NRA-affiliated sporting clubs nationwide.The NRA is the most recent in a series of prominent groups to applaud the Simon for Governor campaign. http://simonforgovernor.com/showArticle.php?id=248
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