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Just A Thought

Happy HunterHappy Hunter Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
I am a long time hunter and member of nra And this is what I do for are rights.I try to take a non hunter with me when I go to the field. Being from southwest FL I meet a lot of people from citys such as NYC and others most of these people never had the oportunity to handle a firearm and only knew what they seen on the news.But after getting there first spring gobbler most of them seen there was a different way of life and some of them bought a firearm joined the nra to and most of all became a good friend.Try this for your selves and check your results with mineremember this is just a thought.And dont forget to take your kids and grand kids hunting..Please excuse my spelling


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    n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
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    If only a small percentage of us would take the time to get others involved in the "gun culture" we would have a much better chance of keeping it. Keep it up!!! What is the "gun culture"? it is whatever you personally enjoy i.e. hunting, shooting, collecting etc...***Para-phrase (Federalist Papers) 'The right to have firearms is the final line of defense against a tyranical government'.
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    pikeal1pikeal1 Member Posts: 2,707
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    I hooked up with a couple of guys from work...after working with them for over a year, I found out (by accident) that they like guns. Since then, we have taken a few other people from work out to the range and everyone seems to have a great time. I think the best way to keep our rights is to include those that have never been involved and get them involved. Rest assured that there are atleast two more people that will be writing to their reps and senators and will be joining the NRA...maybe more if all goes as planned
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    AlpineAlpine Member Posts: 15,070 ✭✭✭✭
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    Excellant ideas. Most people will listen to what the news says and think that every that has a gun is loony. But if you introduce target shooting and responsible gun ownership to less informed people they will begin to understand the 2nd amendment, and the words...."shall not be infringed".
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    NOTPARSNOTPARS Member Posts: 2,081 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I am a public high school teacher. Recently, I was able to get two teachers (males) interested in firearms. One now owns about half a dozen after his wife had told him she would allow no firearms in the house, a second just bought his first handgun, and a third wants to go shooting with me over the summer break in order to decide what to buy for his first handgun!!!

    P.S. I am not stopping there either...

    "Hitler was a socialist..."
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