Kommunist Gun Laws

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In 1994, 2 laws were passed. The 1994 Klinton Crime Bill, and the Assault Weapons Ban. Among the things in them were provisions to limit law abiding peaceable people from what they could and could not own, such as magazines made to carry more than 10 rounds in them or semiautomatic rifles with more than 1 property to which they have defined (Bayonet lug, pistol grip, grenade launcher, threaded barrel, and folding or collapsible stocks). These laws SUCK!!! For anyone who was paying attention, why would anyone care what you or I have if we are peaceable citizens? In all seriosness, I don't care if you own a bazooka if you are law abiding, and neither should anybody else.

And the people were listening. Just ask Slik Willy Klinton himself. In 1996, 20 seats in the House were lost because of things like this. He made it sound like a big sacrifice for the furtherment of the American people. Let me clear something up to you, Klinton. Those seats were lost because your followers didn't obey the will of the people. Your Demokratic Elite won, however, because those laws are still in the books.

We would know your intent was pure if the laws read something like this:

Any persons caught committing a felony with an assault rifle will be immediately facing mandatory penalties of......

or maybe something like this:

The use of a High-capacity magazines to commit a crime will be facing the following penalties of......

Then we would know the truth about where we stood in the eyes of the government. There is some truth to the fact that locks only keep the honest out. There is an even greater truth surrounding us that states that laws made to punish law abiders because of the acts of criminals is kind of like killing the pig because he saw the fox enter the hen house.


Death to Tyrants!!!



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    You're preaching to the choir here, but glad to have you.
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    I am no preacher, but I do supply as much ammo to others who fight the same fight as I do. I am giving everybody who reads this either a refresher course in history (I am surrounded by intelligent people here, and I am proud to be among you all) or maybe something that has evaded you one way or the other. Heaven forbid people actually knew the truth.


    Death to Tyrants!!!

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