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Nevada NEEDS Patricia Saye (41st District)

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I'm In The Biggst Race of My Life!

The Committee To Elect

Patricia Saye (IA)

Nevada's 41st Assembly District

5456 Viscount Carlson Dr.

Las Vegas, Nevada 89119-1812

Phone: (702) 798-4566 Fax (702) 798-7818

Hello everyone:

My name is Patricia Saye. You may or may not recognize that name, and would
instead recognize the name Lady Liberty, or the "Lady Liberty" program
originating from Las Vegas, Nevada heard on KKVV 1060AM Radio, KLAV 1320AM
Radio or Crusade Radio via the internet.

Some of you may have received e-mails from me, or others; or read about me on
different websites; or on a message board about various activities and groups
I have been affiliated with in our fight to preserve our freedoms and liberty,
not only Nevada, but also our nation.

I would like to refresh your memory, or if you do not know who I am and what I
have done, tell you a little about myself.

I want to do this, "not" because I am any one "special", wanting to "toot my
own horn," because I am not! I am far from it. I am just like many of you, if
not all of you. I am just someone who loves God, my country and my family,
and who is in one of the "biggest" races of my life!

So, why am I telling you this?

Because I need your help more than you will ever know. I'll tell how a little
later, but first I would like to tell you about myself and where I stand on
some issues.

On March 23rd, 2002 the Clark County Nevada Independent American Party asked
me to run for Nevada's 41st Assembly seat, and I agreed. I was elected as
*'s AD41 candidate at their state convention on April 19th, 2002. I was
truly honored and humbled by being asked to run for Nevada's 41st Assembly

I believe someone runs for the Assembly to "Represent and protect the
interests of family, friends and neighbors." I would do this by watching for
and submitting reasonable bills to become law, stop bills and repeal laws that
would usurp our rights, increase taxes, or bring unnecessary responsibility
for government or private business actions on my Constituents and to fight to
strengthen our States rights against Federal government intervention. I have
such strong feelings about the wrongs that are being done to Nevadans and what
is happening in America that I am driven to run for this Assembly District

The basic cornerstone of our American way of life is the Family and therefore
the integrity and values of marriage and family must be restored, enhanced and
better protected.

The rights of Nevadans to be free of Federal government intervention, control
and manipulation must be restored. The best way I see to do this quickly is to
start to reject Federal programs that are thrust upon us with "seed money"
funding and later we Nevadans are required to increase our taxes to continue
funding the programs, while the Federal government still controls how the
programs are run.

With strong moral Principals and a sound knowledge of ones Philosophy, one
knows what to do.

Those who believe we are incapable of social responsibility, and unworthy of
independent thinking are curtailing our rights. I believe we "are" incapable
of social responsibility, and worthy of independent thinking.

My two challengers are:

David Parks (D) seeking his fourth term, and according to the two major
newspapers in Las Vegas, (Review Journal & Sun), is the only "open" homosexual
in the Nevada legislature. Although I personally feel homosexuality is
immoral, I do not care what the man does behind his bedroom door. However, I
do have a problem with his agenda when it comes to introducing legislation
promoting his lifestyle for public toleration and into our schools. And
another "major" problem I have with him is he is a gun grabber! Parks did
"not" respond to the G.O.A. questionnaire sent to all of the candidates.

These are the two major issues I must draw a line on. I have no tolerance for
this type of legislation, and I want to stop it before it goes any further.
This is why I support Question 2, which states marriage will be between a man
and a woman, and why I support the right to keep and bear arms.

The other challengers is, Phillip Dane (R) an 80 year old man who has ran the
past three years against David Parks, simply because he hates homosexuals, and
each year he has lost to Parks. Dane says he supports the Second Amendment,
but in his response to the G.O.A. questionnaire, he said he was "does not"
support preemption legislation that would totally prohibit localities from
placing limitations on the rights of citizens to purchase, possess, or carry
firearms, which is an anti-gun answer. He also said that he "will not" oppose
laws that would ban the sale of a privately owned firearm at a gun show unless
the buyer submits to a background check, which is an anti-gun answer.

I on the other hand, feel I am the most qualified and viable candidate for
this race, for the following reasons:

I feel that our Second Amendment is the most important of all. If we do not
protect our RKBA, we will never be able to protect our family, our nation or
ourselves. I have done more than either one of these candidates in protecting
our RKBA, by:

? Running Pro Gun advertisements, as Public Service Announcements on my
radio program.

? Having Pro Gun Guests on my program helping to promote the SAS-AIMM on
Mother's Day 2000, which I was honored to be a part of. I helped to promote
the 50 Million Round March. I have interviewed so many wonderful people
fighting to preserve our 2A rights, just to name a few were the founders of
the SAS, Sheriff Richard Mack, and Dr. Piazza of Frontsight.

I am presently, or have been affiliated with:

? Second Amendment Sisters;

? Women Against Gun Control;

? Gun Owners of America - answered yes to all of their 2002 Nevada
Questionnaire - all answers were Pro-Gun responses.

? Second Amendment Foundation;

? the NRA;

? Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms - and who

? in 1994 made me "Awardee of the Month", and then

? was nominated and received the unanimous vote of the Board of
Directors as the "1994 Citizen of the Year"; and

? in 1994 I was written up by "Women and Guns Magazine" regarding my
fight for your RKBA.

I have received the endorsement of:

? Alan M. Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation and
Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right To Keep and Bear Arms, who
said: "Patricia Saye would be the best voice in the State of Nevada when it
comes to protecting gun rights in the Nevada State Assembly. I urge every gun
owner in the 41st Assembly District to cast their vote for her."

? Sheriff Richard Mack, former Arizona Sheriff and Public Affairs
Director for Gun Owners of America, said, "Patricia Saye is the only candidate
who really believes in America, freedom and limited government."

? Nancy Herrington, of Women Against Gun Control said: "Patricia Saye
IS one of THE most patriotic ladies I know! She is extremely pro Constitution,
PRO 2A... Patricia Saye is the Nevada state director of WAGC. I attended the
SAS aim March with her two years ago. Nevada NEEDS Patricia Saye, Folks! EVERY
answer to the GOA survey is YES! Hard core to the core and beyond! She has
WAGC's complete support!"

Many of you have heard of me, hosting an Annual "UN Flag Burning" every
October 10th, honoring Michael New, on the anniversary date, when he refused
to wear the UN uniform; and on October 24th, the anniversary of the signing of
the UN Charter. Then when the UN was having their Small Arms Destruction Day
in New York, I held a UN Rag Burning here in Nevada.

On June 23rd, 2001 when Daniel New was returning home from Laverkin, Utah (the
first city to be declared a UN Free Zone), he and his wife invited me to
dinner, and presented my with the Michael New Citizen's Metal of Honor.

Daniel New gave me his endorsement when he said:

"Patricia Saye is an old fashion, patriotic American who still thinks the
People have a role in their own government. Such a quaint concept needs to be
encouraged, and her election is going to cause a bit of a stir in the Nevada
legislature. If you think they could use a little stirring up, then please
vote now with a $10 donation, and then see to it that ten or more of your
friends cast their ballot for her in November.

To change the direction of this country, we are going to have to change the
way we used to vote. We all need a Saye in the legislature!"

I am using the campaign slogan Daniel New gave to me, which is: "You need a
'Saye' in the Legislature"

This is where I "desperately need your help". The Primary Election is over. I
am headed into the General Election, to be held on November 5th.

My "First Amendment" right is being usurped, because I am an Independent
American Party candidate. BTW, the * is now the largest third party in
Nevada, and we have 53 candidates running this year, more than either of the
other two parties, if I am not mistaken.

Our Freedom of Speech is being curtailed because I am a third party candidate.
We will never be heard in this county, much less the Nevada Assembly, if I
cannot get your help. I need your vote! Yes, you too can have a "Saye" in the
legislature, even if you do not live in my Assembly District. You can vote the
way Daniel New mentioned, with your $10 vote (or more, if you can), to help me

Folks, you know as well as I do, many laws - good or bad - that are passed in
one state, eventually is passed in another state. Help me to make sure no
unconstitutional laws are passed in Nevada that may move to your state.

We have until November 4th, to get my voice out to the 20,6001 voters in
Assembly District 41. I have been walking door-to-door and the responses have
been great. Unfortunately, I started a year too late, and I will never be able
to get to every voter by November 4th.

We need to get flyers (door-knockers) in the hands of some of my supporters
who are willing to help me do a "Blitz" on the 25+ precincts in my AD.

Those who live in Clark County, could sign up to help do the "Blitz" on
Saturdays, between now and November 5th, by calling 798-4566.

We need to get mailers out to the 20,661 voters in my District. I will need
financing for the printing of flyers (door-knockers), mailers, stamps and most
importantly my telephone and fax bills.

Will you please send a contribution in the form of a check or money order to:


c/o 5456 Viscount Carlson Drive

Las Vegas, Nevada [89119-1812]

Campaign HQ (702) 798-4566

Campaign Fax (702) 798-7818

I do apologize for the length of this post, but I felt it was important for
you to know this information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

With your help, I can win this race.

After being an active Republican on the County Executive Board and being a
member of both their county and state central committee, up until about 3
years ago, I can pull in the votes of a large number of Republicans, who
believe as we do, but who are not ready to change to a third party.

A few months ago, I received 14% of a Democrat "Only" Poll that someone else
did and gave me their findings. I feel this is because the majority of the
Democrats are tired of Park's homosexual agenda, and the feud going on between
Parks and Dane.

Just last week, the Clark County Libertarian Party (CCLP) Chairman, Joe
Silvestri, gave me his personal endorsement, since the Libertarians do "not"
have a candidate running in this race. He said the CCLP could not endorsement
as a Party, as I am not a Libertarian.

So, as you can see, so far I have some votes from Democrats, Republicans,
Libertarians, and Independent Americans. I need your support to reach the
undecided voters. Won't you please help?

Remember, that we "DO" need a "SAYE" in the legislature!

Please as Daniel New asked, vote now with a $10 donation, and then send this
message to at least ten or more of your friends. Ask them to cast their
ballot for me, by sending me a $10 donation, and again sending this to ten or
more of their friends, as soon as possible.


Patricia Saye (aka Lady Liberty)

Your humble servant

(If I am elected to serve you.)

The Second Amendment IS our Homeland Security
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