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NV District 41: Patricia Saye Campaign Press Rele

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Rick Kuhlmey, Campaign Manager

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September 20, 2002 A.D.


Las Vegas, NV - Patricia Saye, Radio Talk show Host and long time defender of Citizens' Constitutional rights, has filed for Assembly District 41. Well known for being outspoken against illegal and wrongful government intervention into peoples' lives, Saye believes her background in these areas gives her a unique perspective that she can take to the Legislature. "My years of fighting against the Federal government agencies, harming instead of helping people, has given me an insight into how the Federal government and its' agencies work in real life" said Saye. When asked how she felt about the role of our state constitution, Saye replied that "Our Nevada state constitution was accepted by Congress and is our contract with them, which has been ignored and we need to enforce it".

Saye supports the "Protection of Marriage Act", which is Question 2 on the ballot. "Our family structure has been weakened and degraded to the point many people have forgotten what it really is. The federally mandated sex education classes, along with classes that teach kids about their "feelings" do not belong in our schools. Look at the mess we have after these classes have been taught for so many years. This is federal intervention that will take years to overcome" Saye said.

Saye went on to say that the most often asked question is 'why are you running for the Assembly?' Her reply is " I believe someone runs for the Assembly to represent and protect the interests of family, friends and neighbors. I would do this by watching for and submitting reasonable bills to become law and stop those bills that would usurp our rights, increase taxes, or bring unnecessary responsibility on my constituents, private business and our State government. This includes the need to fight to strengthen our States rights against Federal government intervention. I have such strong feelings about the wrongs that are being done to Nevadans and what is happening in America, that I am compelled to run for this Office".

Saye also worked for many years in the Medical Insurance Industry and Third Party Administration, as a Claims Supervisor, Premium Supervisor, Office Manager with 40 plus employees, and Officer of the Corporation, which is experience her supporters believe will be an asset to the Legislature when it deals with the current insurance crisis that has occurred in this State.

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Committee To Elect Patricia Saye - 5456 Viscount Carlson Drive, Las Vegas, NV. 89119-1812

Phone: (702) 798-4566 Fax: (702) 798-7818 E-mail:

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