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More Armed Women ----- YES!

WAGCWAGC Member Posts: 81 ✭✭
VA: Patriettes Will Fight Coming Terrorist Crime Wave
... We don't know what other kinds of violent crime these terrorist cells
will try next in an attempt to continue to terrorize our country - suicide
bombings, robberies, hostage situations? It's logical to assume these
violent crimes are coming, but will America be caught off guard once again,
unable to quickly respond to a new kind of crime wave? Some women in
northern Virginia are not waiting around to be victims. When firearms
training classes were announced that would take an average woman with no
prior knowledge of guns to the point where she could file forms in a county
office for a "concealed carry" permit, women came in droves. These
"must-issue" permits will allow them to secretly arm themselves against
terrorists or any other thugs who may come their way. It's an easy and safe
way for citizens to contribute to homeland security. After three short
sessions, 40 women of all ages and from all walks of life - grandmothers,
stay-at-home moms, business women, heads of organizations, congressional
staff members and even interns - have completed the training, each earning
certificates of competency in the use and concealment of handguns. Grinning
from ear to ear and waving bulls-eye targets as compelling evidence of
their newfound skills, these women have decided that they will no longer
live in fear of domestic or foreign terrorist threats. The Patrick Henry
Center, in alliance with several other organizations - and in cooperation
with the National Rifle Association, which supplies the formal classroom
instruction as well as the firing range - has been working hard to get 100
women trained and certified before the end of the year. Foundation
president Gary Aldrich, a retired FBI agent, even calls upon his wife in
some of the training sessions. "Nina was an FBI agent for 10 years and is
still very accurate in her use of handguns or rifles. Once trained, it's
like riding a bicycle - you never forget," Gary says. ...

The Second Amendment IS our Homeland Security


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    mousemouse Member Posts: 3,624
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    hurrah for Virginia!!!

    Glad to see all these dangerous females. Heard ya
    gotta be a cop to get a concealed carry in Ne.
    Anyone know if this is true?
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    Guns are like everything else. If its in the right hands it can be a very powerful tool. If its misused, it could have a ripple effect to other gun owners. I must say I am very glad to see more and more potentially responcible people able to cary weapons. I personally know it will be the first thing I do when I turn 21. It upsets me to see all of these people misuseing guns and forcing the government to crack down on weapons and hurt the people who use them correctly. Then again if it wasnt for thugs, etc, we wouldnt have to carry a gun, now would we:-)

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    gunphreakgunphreak Member Posts: 1,791 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Keep it going!!!

    Death to Tyrants!!!

    Jesus Christ believed in the right to keep and bear arms, Luke 22:36.

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