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Whats the go with silencers, are they leagle in some states and not others, or just not at all, and why? Where I am now, hunters are able to use silencers and also night vision scopes. I was just wondering the real reason behind the anti-silencers. thanks



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    I've heard a lot of "sea lawyers" tell me about the law on silencers..anyone got the official scoop?

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    They are legal in some states. These are knownn as Class III items, and require a lot of red tape and BS that goes along with the purchase of such items. They are fully registered with the ATF and always stay in their data banks (yeah, like the rest of them don't.. yeah, right.) They have a $200.00 NFA tax tagged on them, as well. Keep the paperwork with them. If you are ever caught without the papers, you would be in deep sh_t.

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