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carl1124carl1124 Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
I am so sick of these gun haters like that Fat lesbian rosie o'donnell. She makes me sick. I hear her say "My rights are not being upheld, gay couples are not allow to adopt kids in the sate of Florida". Well the last time I looked the Constitution said nothing about being gay but it did protect gun rights. Our own government is set on making every thing right for them and then attacking the Constitution that they sworn to uphold and protect. I believe that they need to be held accountable. It is time for a new government lets get ride of all them and start over. Lets kick these life long A*sholes out of office and make them go get a real job where they don't get BJ's under the desk, and fu** their interns that end up dead, Funny how that works. God bless the Boy Scouts for making a stand.
Long live JOHNNY REB.


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