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spclarkspclark Member Posts: 408
I hope I have your attention if you live & shoot in Illinois.

Our Second Amendment rights are about to be severly challenged yet again by Mayor Richard Daley & his cronies in Springfield.

Special News Alert for Illinois Gun Owners March 7, 2003

Information of special interest to Illinois Gun Owners:

The Firefight Begins Tuesday - Your Presence Needed

Senate Bill 1195 - Richie Daley's Semiautomatic Rifle and Pistol Ban will
face Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Tuesday, March 11th.

The hearings will be held in Room 400 of the Capitol building at 3:30 PM.

Call (815) 635-3198 for further information.

If this bill succeeds, ALL semi-auto weapons and parts will be confiscated - no "grandfathering" - within 90 days! This is no joke and covers pistols, rifles, shotguns, and black powder too.

You can get more info from the Illinois State Rifle Association at if you go past the alert page to their home page & go down to the link to "Daley Gun Grab Summary."

If you live and/or shoot in Illinois, you MUST MAKE YOUR VOICE & POSITION KNOWN to your State legislators NOW!
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