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King Richard (Daley) II's shell game...

spclarkspclark Member Posts: 462 ✭✭✭
O.K., so the time & date of the King's Mens' Challenge has been switched, hoping the better to 1.) have more time to organize His Taxpayer-paid Minions to stack the benches at the Inquisition and 2.) that those of us who had planned to take the day off work to watch & protest the proceedings will lose heart & interest in this, his latest attempt at thumbing his nose at the 2nd and 4th Amendments.

That small-minded little Leprechaun's never HELD a real job in his life! He learned a lot from his Daddy, King Richard I, who tried his best to make the Constitution go away in the late 60's. Remember that? Tear Gas & Riot Police in Grant Park? The Days of Rage? And to think the 30% of the Chicagoans who voted in the Mayoral Election three weeks ago actually voted him into his fifth term. The Third Coast, indeed. Disarmed & disemboweled.

Have we forgotten what it takes to defend what this country was founded on? Or have we just grown fat & lazy (living off our stock dividends & real estate appreciation, like the bankers & CEO's who've been robbing the rest of us blind since 1989?) & too didinterested to care anymore how much we have to lose?

If you live & shoot in Illinois, pay attention to & every 'net forum you know about & plan on making the pilgrimage when this fiasco finally gets going.

Otherwise you can kiss your rights good-bye.


  • 4000fps4000fps Member Posts: 786 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    The Senate Judiciary Hearing on the Daley gun ban was originally scheduled for Tuesday. But, Richie Daley got wind of the huge response to the ISRA alerts and he ordered committee chair Cullerton to reschedule the hearing until Thursday, March 13th.

    Daley changed the date so that he could put together a couple of bus loads of Chicago cops and truant school kids that will pack the hearing room on Thursday. All those cops and all those kids will be there at taxpayer expense to push for the destruction of your 2nd Amendment rights!

    By moving the meeting, Daley also hopes to discourage you from going to Springfield to protest this immoral gun grab. He hopes that you will not show up on Thursday.

    Please check back with on a regular basis to get further instructions on what to do to save your gun rights!
  • drobsdrobs Member Posts: 22,359 ✭✭✭✭
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    4000, thanks for the info! I hadn't heard that the date was changed.

  • 4000fps4000fps Member Posts: 786 ✭✭
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    A quick update on the Daley Gun Grab...

    1. You've scored big...Senator Obama's office reports that you have made so many calls that the phone system has crashed. Not to worry can still reach Obama at (217) 782-3905 and nicely ask the person who answers to pass a message along to Senator Obama telling him you oppose SB1195. You may also call his Chicago district office at (773) 363-1996 and tell them the same thing.

    2. Reports just in from Springfield indicate that Sarah Brady herself is making personal calls to Illinois Senators asking them to vote for SB1195. It's important that you counter her efforts by making calls of your own. Go to and get the phone numbers of folks you need to call today.

    3. Handgun Control Inc. has flown its Western Regional Director to Springfield to try to keep the Daley Gun Grab afloat. It's time for you to torpedo his the numbers on today.

    4. Send this message to all your gun owning friends and tell them to make calls today.

    5. Post this message to any and all internet bulletin boards and tell the readers to make calls today.

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