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I have to start off buy saying when i was a kid my father and i did not do alot together ,how ever my father enjoyed shooting as a hobby and i got envolved and it helped us bond together . I learned how to shoot with an ithaca model 49 wich is the first gun he bought me and i still have it and its price less anyways i went to the gun range this weekend and a man was next to me teaching his son to shoot this guy would be classified as a gun nut he was yelling at his son telling him how to operate a semi auto pistol the gun jammed on the boy and the boy was having problems un jamming it .The boys father took the gun from him and slapped him in the head i wanted to slap the guy my self .I feel for the boy and know the boy will remember those times for life .I do feel some people go a little far at times.I shared this hoping the guy will read this as he said he goes to this site from time to time and will think about his teaching methods thanks


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    Makes me wonder if the "boy" even wanted to be there.
    That dad should be slapped around.
    I do not think I would have kept quite.

    The gene pool needs chlorine.
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    you will find that in any type of event...sports..whatever...some forget what it means to be a proper parent and role model ...really sad....

    it is good that we meet in the struggle of life or death.. .....it shall be life!
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    And thus another potential member of HCI is born.
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