CDC on failure of gun laws

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Well even the anti-gun biased CDC now admits that gun laws really can't be shown to diminish crimes/violence with firearms. They are still saying that this is probably due to a lack of sufficient study, but it's pretty clear that laws don't necessarily impact those with criminal intent.

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    Anything which points to a conclusion opposite to what liberal/socialist organizations like the CDC desires is AUTOMATICALLY relegated to the status of a freak phenomenon that rears its ugly head "due to the lack of sufficient study". The CDC would no doubt be reality-challenged enough to say the same thing about the Lott-Mustard study...

    "Oh, no! It CAN'T be! NO-NO-NO-NO! If this gets out, our propaganda espousing the benefits of an unarmed peasantry will be RUINED!"
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    They managed to find insufficient evidence saying it works. Now, maybe they would like to check out some information showing it does not work. Probably not.

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