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Just wanted to make sure everyone understands that now Paypal is under the Liberal management of ebay and you can no longer use the service for payong for Ammo, Mags, and other legally purchased firearms.


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    Has there been a discussion as to the PayPal ban on all modern firearms transactions? (No big surprise, since they were bought by ebay.) I closed my account as soon as I found out about this. I know there are probably business people out there that need PayPal to survive, but if individuals who have an alternative to PayPal all closed their accounts maybe they would see the consequences of this bad policy.
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    Closed my account with PayPal as soon as I spotted the deleted logo for them on GunBroker auctions. There are plenty of other simular companies doing the same type of business. Ebay is un American and with GunBroker, other websites gun related, not to mention local dealers, why support Ebay with your add's/ auctions when they can be posted at other websites. By doing business with Ebay you are supporting Un American attemps to delete not just the 2nd ammendment, but the attack that has been wageing for some time now to destroy the American Constitution. I will refrain from buying anything firearm related off Ebay in the future unless I am a lone wolf and everybody keeps supporting these fools. Tom in North Carolina [:(!]

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    Ok guys I am listening here.I have done business on ebay for a number of years,this year I have backed of some as they are startin to take to big a bite and too many non-payers.Anyhow ,I was always told to take Pay=Pal as my business woulsd increase greatly.Been fighting it,didn't want to,haven't at this time. So now I guess as a gun rights guy u r saying that I should boy-cott them.No Problem.Boy cott Ebay as a whole?Hmmm,I have known of course that there are other auction sites,even tried a few.....just do not get the response of Ebay. I do sell some hunting related items from time to time and other sportsman related gear ,so was thinking of tryin here on gun broker......Anyway Its gonna br tough ifin ya want all hunters,etc. to boycott the bay guys...
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    I was reading in one of the other posts in here that there is new instant pay service for gun transactions. I can't remember which post or the name of the site, but one of you will. Anyway, if at all possible, you should boycott paypal. I did, wrote them a nasty gram telling them why, never received a reply (surprise!) and I may not have hurt them that much, but boycotting them has not hurt me at all :-)
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