Dumping Registration (all in favor, raise your han

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Okay, kiddies---let's have a show of hands: How many here are in favor of completely dumping firearm registration?

Personally, I don't think that the Feds OR the local cops have ANY business telling you "You can't legally own a hand-gun within the city limits UNLESS YOU REGISTER IT WITH US." First of all, since WHEN do I have to get PRIOR APPROVAL to exercise a Constitutionally-guaranteed right, which (in print, mind you) says "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"? How is REQUIRING registration for lawful posession of a firearm NOT infringement?

Another point: personally, I don't think the Feds or the local cops have any business knowing what I have in the first place. The only time it becomes their business is if I do something illegal with said firearm. Which brings me to another sensitive issue I have with the way the cops handle registration: taking ballistic samples without telling you, when you register the gun. They do this here in Omaha. How do I know? Simple. Go in to register a handgun like a good little peasant. Half an hour to forty minutes later, you get the gun back, suspiciously warm to the touch. What took so long? Oh, well, let's try another experiment: let's register another gun, but THIS time we put a gun-lock on it. Cop wants the lock removed; sorry, I forgot the key. Annoyed cop walks off with the gun, and maybe ten minutes later the gun---and an annoyed cop---come back. "Here's your gun," he grunts. Gun is cool to the touch. Interesting. Then add to this that another person says "Hey, I think those guys are taking ballistic samples" and tells you a story that sounds just like the one above. So...You and a buddy decide to perform the experiment again; he registers his new revolver, but, by golly, he put the cable-lock on it, and darned iff'n he didn't forget the key at home. Total processing time: barely ten minutes.

Out of seven handgun registrations over a period of about six years, I've observed: (1) 5 registrations WITHOUT locks, 30-40 minutes
(2) 2 registrations WITH locks, maybe 10 minutes.

No sir, I don't like it.

I don't like having ballistic samples taken behind my back, and I don't like having to beg permission of the cops to own a handgun when I've allegedly been guaranteed (notice I didn't say "granted") the right to keep and bear one by an authority higher than either the cops OR the Feds. And let's not trot out that eyewash about how it makes society "safer", because we all know damned well that the huge majority of crimes are perpetrated with UNREGISTERED handguns. All registration does is make it easier to implement confiscation.

So I say: Let's dump it, completely and in every state in the Union.


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    I hear you and I'm with you...again alas,I do not know if it will ever come to be.....
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    Dump it. Violation of the 2nd and 4th Amendment.

    Death to Tyrants!!! Lev 26:14-39

    Those who would offer any interpretation that would relegate Amendment II to "relic" status of a bygone era are blatantly stating that the remainder of the Bill of Rights isn't worth a damn, either.

    Luke 22:36.
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    Like all bad or evil legislation, get rid of all firearm registration. Just look at Switzerland. Every house is required by law to own at least one machinegun. The result... a crime rate that is 1/16 of ours! That's right for every one violent crime in Switzerland, there are 16 in our gun control plagued country.

    Not even 60 years have passed since we defeated the Nazis, but we have already reinstuted the Gestapo...[xx(]
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    20 something years ago i had my .45 racegun confiscated in a bogus traffic stop. I was returning home from the smith's shop where i had a new match bbl and bushing installed. After a short legal battle the judge ordered the gun returned.When i picked it up i noticed it had been fired and asked why.The property officer told me it had been fired 3 times for ballistics.I took it apart for cleaning when i got home and discovered by the wear that alot more than 3 rounds had been shot.After asking some leos that i knew, i found out one of their superiors had removed the gun from the property room and put a case or two of hardball through it at the local range.He got wind of the judges order and got it back on the shelf about two hours before i picked it up.I tried but there wasn't much i could do about it.
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    And there you have it. Yet another example of the cops ILLEGALLY overstepping their bounds, in this case by taking unlawful posession of a citizen's firearm and using it at their pleasure like they owned it, without any regard for the property-rights of the true owner. To my way of thinking, that would be tantamount to a cop coming into my home and rummaging through my fridge. I only wish there was some way to sue those a**holes for doing things like that...

    It's just another reason why I LOATHE police---they act like self-righteous bullies to begin with, and on top of that they have the nerve to treat you like a common criminal and take BALLISTIC SAMPLES with NO proof that a crime's even been committed, and then the b*stards go and put wear and tear on your gun because they think it's their perogative. I'll bet the jerk who shot up your pistol even thought it was funny to boot: "Ha! I can run a hundred rounds through this fine, fine gun---and the peasant who owns it can't do anything about it, because I'M a big bad POLICEMAN. I have AUTHORITAH. I wear a big bad badge, and carry a big bad gun, and everyone else who ISN'T a policeman is a scumbag."

    These louts with badges need to be controlled, seriously.

    Lesson to be learned: If the cops are going to get their dirty mitts on your firearms, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, ALWAYS LOCK THEM SO THEY CAN'T BE LOADED OR FIRED.
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    TRSTONE..In defence of the good cops, this was city P.D. When i was a mechanic for the sheriff's dept. the property room sgt. in charge of the weapons used in crimes took them to our shop to be cut up.Things like old Winchesters and a nice engraved artillery luger never made it there. Seems he saw the lunacy of destroying collector pieces too. State,County,City, and officer names deleted to protect the innocent.
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    When police pull shenanigans with the property of citizens such as bogusly confiscating firearms and then putting wear and tear on them until it looks like they'll get caught, I don't regard ANY of the Brotherhood In Blue to be guiltless. Do you seriously think that no other cops were aware that one of their own was shooting your gun without legal right or permission? And what did the other cop---or cops---do? Nothing. They remained silent, knowing full well that what was being done to your property was WRONG. They didn't care. It's too nice a gun for a scumbag citizen to have, anyway. Shoot the crap out of it. No one's gonna tell.

    If there WERE such a thing as a "good cop", then that "good cop" should have spoken up in SOME capacity and told a superior "Hey, Such-And-So's been shooting the crap out of someone's brand-new gun. That's not our property, that's not right." Are cops allowed to live in the homes siezed from drug dealers? Are cops allowed to drive cars impounded or recovered in crime investigations? If a cop comes into your home with a warrant, can he raid your fridge? I know of no law in this country which says any property held for whatever reason by police may be used BY said police at their discretion, so it strikes me as totally unacceptable that a cop somewhere can just say "Gee, what a nice gun. I do believe I will shoot it, even though it isn't mine." It's just plain arrogance.
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    And the Blue Wall stands firm....
    Like doctors stick together
    and lawyers(ever tried to get a lawyer to sue another lawyer for legal malpractice?)
    I do believe however that there ARE good cops out there....They can't just go tell someone ,they will get "fired"by the wall....Their hands are tied,and we all helped tie them....or I should say the public in general.I Believe they are out there nonethe less.
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