Laser and holster for a S&W 4013TSW

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I was hoping someone would know of a good laser site for my S&W 4013TSW? I'm looking for one that would mount on the rail that came with the gun. I'm also looking for an inside the pants concealed holster that is clip on. If you do know could you please provide a web address?



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    Mark, as someone who has carried concealed for about 30 years, I would respectfully adive you not to use a "clip on" holster of any kind unless you want it coming out with your gun on a draw. I would recommend if you are going the IWB route to make sure your pants are about 2 inches larger than you need and go with a more secure holster and one whiich will stay open when the gun is out. My recommendation is to look at the ones at http://www.miltsparks.com/
    Just a suggestion. Good luck.
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