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Big Brother is growing in N.C.

3gunner3gunner Member Posts: 489 ✭✭✭
Effective 12-1-2003, North Carolina Law Makers put into effect several new laws. One of those requires any person who has been convicted of any felony must submit their DNA profile which will be held on file by the State. This law was already on the books for those violent criminals. I guess they need DNA samples to help nab some of those habitual bad check writers. That's going to be a huge DNA data base. What happens when there is a slight mix up or a sample was I.D.'ed wrong? I can think of a bunch of felonies that would have absolutely nothing to do with your blood, body fluids, or DNA.

Another new law mandates that a Judge must order the seizure of all firearms from a person who has had a domestic violence order issued against him. That's right, no trial needed, no chance to offer your evidence, no conviction needed. Just one person, your spouse or "live in" other, just claim you are violent and an order is automatically issued to take away your 2nd Ammend.

Not something that would affect every law abiding citizen, but, sure seems like they are taking small steps towards their ultimate goal. Anyone else seeing similar types of legislation being passed across the country?


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