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Ok here is what I can't figure out how come the millitary uses steel bulets and the police use lead. The millitary uses steel because it dosn't flaten out there for it is not as affective in killing people. PLEASE STOP ME IF I'M WRONG!!!!
But here is my point why then do the police use lead. Lead has more killing power than steel this is know. So why dose the goverment let them shoot us with bulets that are more likely to kill and not our enimies in war. Why do we set around and let the standers for the police to shoot frist and ask questions later when they are shooting at us with something more likely to kill us than when they shoot at our enimes in such places as the middle east. Please tell me I am not the only one this seems very stupied to



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    Are you sure the military only uses steel? I've been through some CQB training with some special ops guys and they were using XM-193
    .223 rounds which is a lead based bullet. I don't believe our military would select any ammo. based on the fact that is not effective.

    But more importantly, would you feel better if the police shot you with a steel bullet. Maybe you could drop a few rounds of steel off at your local P.D. and asked them to reframe from sending any lead in your direction. Better yet, don't do anything stupid to cause the police to even want to shoot you. I must have missed that story on Fox News where the police are now just walking around shooting people for the h*ll of it and asking questions later. You may want to consider a move to a new town.

    If a 55 gr. .223 round travelling at 3000 fps strikes you anywhere above the belt, it ain't gone matter much if it was steel or lead. I'm not too sure where you're coming from with this one.
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    The military uses ball ammo, which has a lead core and a copper gilding metal around it to keep it together in flight. Some of the other bullets have steel cores in them. They call these armor piercing rounds.

    The Geneva/Hague Convention dictates that the use of certain soft point bullets, hollow points or any other mushrooming or fragmentative rounds are a violation of this "rules of war" doctrine, and as a result of using them as combatants affords POW's no benefits of a prisoner, and charges them with war crimes.

    Police are not combatants. They do not have to abide by this stupid doctrine. (Yes, you read that correctly.) The Geneva Convention is stupid, because we afford enemy combatants all the protections of the Convention, even though we are really the only country that makes a point (a proven point, anyway) of following it.

    EX. During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Soviets dropped mines that looked like toys, and were only powerful enough to blow off an arm or leg, and did so with devices that looked like toys (I can't stress this enough), obviously targeting non-combatants as part of their strategy. Those who conducted this strategy were never brought to justice (and for that matter, Afghanistan was littered with these nasty devices before we were hunting down ObL and they are still there, now.) But somehow, we don't look at it as I would... Fight fire with fire.

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    the concept is that a soldier is only doing his duty and the job of the enemy soldier is to render him unfit for duty and unable to fight. once he is unable to fight he is no longer a legitimate target and thats all.
    hollow points and other explosive or devastating rounds do more damage than is necessary to render the combatebt unfit for duty and cause wounds that are more difficult to repair. so in tha name of all that is civilized about war the western powers got together in geneva and decided they wanted dictate how much killing and how was allowed(read lots of sarcasm)

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    A lot of military ball ammunition has a mild steel jacket with a copper wash. That's why a magnet will stick to the bullet, not because it has a steel core. The only ammunition with a steel core is armor piercing ammunition.
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