Names for a 3rd Party?

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Well, I've been reading the threads here, and am really interested in the ones concerning 3rd and 4th party formation/promotion.

I agree with tr fox, we need to give a 3rd party a legitimate shot in an election. I'm not sure how this would be done. The more-than-one-vote system obviously isn't going to be available to accomplish putting a 3rd party into office. Likewise, supporting a 3rd party in the trational way won't give them an edge of the entrenched two parties. I'm assuming here that we would need to support a 3rd party that has some level of support/recognition already in order to have a shot. I'd probably even support a 3rd party candidate that I didn't agree with just to introduce 3rd parties into the system.

But what are the names of the more organized 3rd parties? Libertarian is probably the most recognizable, but what are the others?

I like Dave W's idea of a party called the Constitutionalists. A party that supports a strict constructionist view of the constition, not a liberal interpretationist view.

Any others?

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    the bull moose was a good one back in the day, but i dont think it will work now.
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    There is a Constitutionalists party already.

    Just my opinion (of course) but wouldn't it be easier to work with one that already exists? Find the one that closest resembles your beliefs, and go with it? Rather than trying to start from scratch.

    Here is a list of the Federal political parties in the United States.
    You want to start another one?

    Libertarians are the third largest political party.

    ACE Party
    American Heritage Party
    American Nazi Party
    American Party
    American Reform Party
    America's Party
    Autonomy Party
    Communist Party USA
    Constitution Party
    Constitution Action Party
    Constitutionalist Party
    Democratic Party (DNC)
    Democratic Socialists of America
    Falconist Party
    Family Values Party
    Freedom Party
    Freedom Socialist Party
    Green Party
    Green Party USA
    Independent American Party
    Labor Party
    Libertarian National Socialist Green Party
    Libertarian Party
    Light Party
    Multicapitalist Party
    Natural Law Party
    New Party
    New Union Party
    Pansexual Peace Party
    Peace & Freedom Party
    Progressive Labor Party
    Prohibition Party
    Reform Party
    Republican Party (RNC)
    Revolutionary Communist Party
    Socialist Party USA
    Socialist Action
    Socialist Equality Party
    Socialist Labor Party
    Southern Independence Party
    Southern Party
    The Third Party
    U.S. Pacifist Party
    We The People Party
    Workers Party USA
    World Socialist Party of the USA
    The Revolution

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    nice work pickenup
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    How 'bout the "We're sick of the other two parties" party.[:)]
    or just plain "We're fed up" party.
    Seriously, it's not the need for another party desiganation, it's the need for good third party candidates.
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    Good work all......keep it up.
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    Pickenup - I guess I didn't get my point across completely. I agree with you in that the best way would be to work through an already existing party. I guess that would mean the libertarians if you were talking a presidential election, in order to have a shot. However, I think that you could support or run yourself under a lesser known party name in local/regional elections.

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    Sky agreed. I have much more faith in being able to change things at the local level than the National level. The three largest hurtles are.
    1. Finding a candidate that is WORTH voting for.
    2. Using a party that has a recognizable enough name, so that people will vote.
    3. Getting the apathetic off of their couch long enough to vote.
    Not necessarily in that order.

    Would most people vote for someone running on the "Pansexual Peace Party" platform?
    Who, among the sheeple, would even take the time to look up what they stand for?

    Money is what buys elections. (notice I did not say "wins" elections)
    Nationally, the elite that are in charge now, are the ones that can afford the
    $20,000 fund raising dinners, for their parties candidates.
    Can you afford that? I know that I can not.
    The same thing happens locally, but to a much smaller scale.
    If we could just WAKE people up.

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    Good work on compiling that list pickenup. I am going to print that for future refeerence as I have never seen such a comprehensive list in anyone place before.

    What about opinions on this idea. It appears that trying to get a 3rd or 4th party off the ground on a national basis is kind of like trying to start a brand new hamburger chain and right off the bat trying to out compete McDonalds. What about all supporters of a 3rd or 4th party agreeing to focus their money, energy and canididates on one small area. A large city such as St. Louis that has about been run into the ground or even K.C. which is not doing so well either. If your canadidates sweep the election and are able to turn around the city in regards to how it is run, then you would hopefully and justifiably get the attention of the whole country. Especially the parts of the country that has suffered with bad government for years. I have heard it said that if you have something you want other people to accept, such as democracy in Iraq, if what you have is truly of value you don't need to force it on them because they will STEAL IT FROM YOU because they will recognize it is something they want and need. In this way maybe we can spread the idea of a 3rd or 4th party.

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    Interesting theory ......and worth exploring for sure.I once had a representitive that had every other weel "meetings" to discuss what bills were coming up etc. with the local sportsman.He would have coffee,the regulars would bring eats and they would set round the woodstove working on startegy.....he had a unique way of finding something that would affect everone,ie. the different hunters,clay shooters etc.It worked for some time then he got older etc.Just a thought,find a place,get films or something,like at a local sports club etc....something,anything......It would be a goood place to educate slowly on the constitution....just a thought....
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    all politics is local and the problem with starting a 3rd party has to do with meeting the wants and needs of the local party members.one states independence party is not anothers.

    once again i suggest a look to the greens, they have other policy platforms but much of their core support is drawn from the "save the enviroment" crowd and that is thier national agenda.if the numbers are true that there are 90 million gun owners that believe in the second amendment we have a natural base to identify with and a larger one than the greens have at that.

    as the greens found out though you can be a thorn in peoples side and accomplish just about nothing except name recognition if your only accomplishment is to let someone else win. the 2 party system is quite content with that because as long as a third party is a tiny offshoot or an angry bunch of voters they will never threaten them longterm. they will vote in a movie star or a wrestler and 4 years later it will be back to politics as usual.

    the greens have possibly transcended that by running candidates in local elections that while they havent won yet may likely do so in the future.

    while we focus on the second amendment we should focus on an important issue that is going to become the most important issue of the next 20 years i think, stop the mcjobization of the american economy. this will fit right into our parties belief system because our jobs are leaving since we have given up our ability to make our own trade decisions to the GATT court.

    the name of the party should reflect what we are most interested in protecting, THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION PARTY. we need to create local political organizations otherwise we will be like all those parties on that list, names to be ignored.

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