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Freedom In Peril ....

HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
This is a lenghy article dealing with overall may find ideas there of value.

3.) problem-Reaction-Solution: Technically known as Hegelian
Dialectic. It is beyond comprehension for those who are stuck in a linear mode of thinking. This is the most deadly tool that tyrants have in their arsenal. Would be Tyrants first creating a problem, then there is a reaction from the public, and then the would be tyrant offers a solution: which is mostly that people give up their freedom to the tyrant to solve the problem. This one works like charm for tyrants since most people think linearly and don't realize that those who are offering "solutions" are the ones creating "problems."
this is a long list of things to do to "get the word out"..haven't read thru all of it yet..Addresses the "New World Order"..but the principle is the same..


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